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Thread: Publication Of Prelimary Notification 4(1)

  1. Publication Of Prelimary Notification 4(1)

    Is it mandatory to publish in two daily newspapers circulatiing in the locality of which one should be in regional language.

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    Re: Publication Of Prelimary Notification 4(1)


    Not necessarily !
    Please read Sec 4(2), 4(3) and 4(4) of the RTI Act.

    In fact, if you read the whole Act carefully, Sec 4 is one of the three Sections where a "Explanation" has been given at the end (the other sections being Sec 12 and Sec 15):

    Explanation.—For the purposes of sub-sections (3) and (4), "disseminated" means making known or communicated the information to the public through notice boards, newspapers, public announcements, media broadcasts, the internet or any other means, including inspection of offices of any public authority.

    Although Sec 4(2), 4(3), 4(4) contain the word "shall" and therefore make it obligatory, the footnote explanation does give a lot of leeway to the PA.

    Therefore, "two daily newspapers" may not be mandatory, but disseminating the information in local language is mandatory.

    First, just check, point by point (ie EVERY subsection), if the PA you refer to has really conformed COMPLETELY to Sec 4. I am sure you will find that they have not.
    First please make them conform.

    For this you can use the campaign launched by this forum and available at:


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