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Thread: Discrepancy in PF transfer

  1. Discrepancy in PF transfer

    I was working with company A and then moved to Software company B. I submitted PF transfer request. But company A transferred my PF to different account (company C) instead of company B's account. Unfortunately PF office in Pune did not send back the cheque to Tata Motors since the account name was not matching. Instead they just made an entry in Transfer in register. The entry is still shown there. I sent a notice to PF office in Pune as well as company A to investigate this matter and met lotsa concerned people but they're just delaying this matter. Per my opinion this is a joint mistake by Company A: To transfer it to wrong account. (They’re saying they transferred it as per Form 13 submitted by me but not handing over the form 13 copy having this mistake) Pune PF Office: To accept this amount and not informing to company A or returning back the cheque. Also during their audits they could not trace this mistake. My amount is locked for almost 7 years with Pune PF office and it’s quite substantial. I sent an email to PIO as well but no response. I came to know about blunder when I asked software company B to transfer amount to my current company and found that the amount is very less and then started investigating found this major mistake. Please suggest me the solution. Thanks.

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    If you can post copies of all the papers here with brief history at my address I shall prepare proper RTI application, which will expedite the matter. Your papers will help me frame proper questions.
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    I really appreciate your quick response.
    Here is the scenario
    - Company A: I submitted form 13 to trasfer my PF
    - Company B: In this company's PF account my amount should have deposited by Company A
    - Company C: In this company's account my PF actually got deposited (I've no relation with this company)
    - Company D: Here I'm currently working on.
    How did I come to know about this blunder?
    - I joined company D and asked company B to transfer my PF amount.
    - This amount should have been company A's contribution + company B's contribution but surprisingly we found only company B's amount.
    - Enquired with company A and they handed over a letter addressed to PF commissionar with cheque date, amount & account number.
    - That time we realized that account number entered by company A was wrong.
    - I sent a letter to PF office as well as company A to investigate in this matter.
    - Both institutes are just passing the parcel and not taking any action.
    Period: 7 years (Company A deposited cheque to wrong account in July 2000 and I realized in May 2007)
    Documents with me:
    - Company A's letter to PF office mentioning cheque status, date and account number.
    - My letter to PF office to investigate in this matter.
    - Company A's another letter mentioning that this was my mistake because I put in wrong accoutn number on form 13.
    - My letter to company A to send me a copy of form 13 having this mistake as a proof.

    Please let me know if you're okay with above mentioned documents. Also send me your address and phone number.


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    Kindly file RTI appln with PF office on the lines suggested in my blog "any thing pending with govt? try this".This will force PF dept to force company A to deposit correct amount in your account, irrespective of what they have paid to company C. Send photocopies of all available papers once again with your RTI appln. You can visit website of EPFO for details of relevant PIO etc. Pay fee of Rs.10/- by IPO.My mobile No. is 09924106490. Send copy of RTI appln to company A for exerting pressure.
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    This is just to update you that, my PF transfer issue is resolved now. Your guidance really helped me to expedite the whole process. Here are the steps I took after having discussion with you.

    1. I sent a stinker email to VP finance of Company A.
    2. I sent 3 reminder emails to RPFC's mail id posted on PF site.

    These two steps resolved the matter and now I'm willing to start the withdrawal procedure.

    Thanks for all your help!

    - Shriprasad

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    Re: Discrepancy in PF transfer

    congrats Shriprasad, well done.
    Certainly appreciate your initiative and decency to share your success story with RTIIndia,it matters a lot because many more victims of similar harassment/ignorance/shyness can take guidance and encouragement from your case history to fight for their legitimate rights successfully. And please do encourage maximum people to share their RTI related problems with,and together we shall find solutions based on many success stories like yours.

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