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  1. Need RTI help


    sometime back I had written an application under RTI act to one of the branches of a nationalized bank seeking certain information regarding deposit & loan details of my mother and in his reply the information officer has issued a reply stating that all details filed by me under RTI had already been submitted before the court concerned (I had moved court against my brother and my sister regarding the assets of my mother who died intestate. The suit ended in a compromise between me and the contesting parties i.e. my bro & my sis, and my application to the bank under RTI was after the said suit was decreed)<o></o>Reacting to the information officer’s reply I had filed an application before the concerned court seeking certified copies of ALL documents filed by the Bank Connected to this particular case …after having received the certified copies from the court it was obvious to me that bank had issued false statement misleading statement and besides that in his reply to me I was asked to remit Rs 100 towards cost as a penalty as the bank claims that I had not sent the postal order ( I had sent stamps worth Rs 40 in a self addressed envelope ..Since I was new to all this I was not aware of what a postal order meant at that time) <o></o>Now my question to you is... can I file an application under R T I to the chairman of the nationalized bank( him being the highest authority ) seeking explanation why I should pay Rs 100 when I was supplied false information , seeking explanation if there is any ruling from the RBI where an applicant can be fined under these circumstances after providing him documents that the information authority has gone on record issuing a false statement , can I frame questions under section 6 of the Right Io Information act?? <o></o>If one is not allowed to frame questions under R T I, then can someone please help me to file an application to the chairman regarding the above mentioned query????<o></o>(Have already preferred first appeal & second appeal to direct the bank to provide me the loan details)
    <o></o>Would BE glad if anyone could help me in this regard
    <o>> </o>>

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    1. The bank was wrong in directing you to the court to get certified copies of papers. The PIO was under obligation under RTI to directly supply you the requested papers even when the matter is subjudice and bank has filed copies of papers in the court. 2. You need not pay any penalty, you have to pay Rs.10/- by Postal Order available in Post Offices in favour of the bank. 3. Chairman of the bank has nothing to do with RTI applications, as in most of nationalised/public sector banks other officers are PIO/AA. 4. If bank has filed misleading/false information in the court you can prefer contempt of court proceedings against officials of the bank in the same court. 5. You can still obtain all the papers afresh by filing proper RTI application with PIO of the bank by visiting website for designation/adddress. Please do mention in the application, that you are heir of the persons whose information is being sought and send death certificates also with application. 6. Now a days nationalised banks have become too legalistic and for petty matter they drive common man to courts.
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