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Thread: Introduction of self.

  1. Introduction of self.

    Dear Sir,
    I am a retired Government official and retired as Joint Secretary to Government, Tamilnadu Secretariat, Chennai. During my service and all along I have been striving for honesty and sincerity. I am very much interested that every citizen of this country should be given a fair deal and he must know what information he wants without delay, provided it is not sensitive and highly confidential which could hamper interest of the country. or national security. Even though I always found it very difficult to carry out my personal things done in the Government offices, I some times come across some good officials who sincerely render their help. Any how I would like to share my feelings in future through this RTI thread communications and like to bring out to the light unholy attitued of some black sheeps.
    yours sincerely,

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    I will return to you soon I get a reply through this thread.

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    Welcome Mr Chandrasekar to RTI India. I am confident that your vast administrative experience in the govt will be a great asset to our community members. We look forward to your active participation in the forum discussions.
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    Welcome Mr Chandrasekhar .We expect that your experience will be much helpful to all of us. I would like to have your suggestion as and when required.

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    Welcome to RTI India, have a great time with us.

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    Dear sir,
    Messers. Kushal, abhijeet, & ganpat1956,
    Thank you all for joining my hands to fight corruption, help the helpless in breaking the fire-wall of injustice, negligence, disrespect, disregard to the feelings of citizens that is existing in most or the Government departments, both Central and States. All talk about transparency in office administration but "little" is practiced. Everybody knows "delay breads corruption". We must also know that hiding or withholding the facts/details/information on matters regarding to self or public matters also breads undesirable things like corruption, and compel the public indirectly to subverge to meet "their" ends. Hence the should function as a anti-virus remedy and enlighten the common man about their rights to get the informations that are denied or delayed with out any reason. Let us joint together to break this "Firewall".
    Thank you all,

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    Re: Introduction of self.

    Dear Chandrasekaran ji,

    Welcome to this Wonderful forum.

    Please share your experience / understanding of RTI in various departments you worked in the last two & half years in a Blog.

    N.B. I am presuming that you have retired recently so you must have good deal familiarity about the Nitty Gritties of RTI.


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    Re: Introduction of self.

    Dear Mr.Chandrasekaran,

    Welcome to this valuable portal RTI india. In your retired life pl. keep in touch with this site daily, so that we can gain more information from good officer like you.



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