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Thread: Disregard to requests made under RTI Act.

  1. Disregard to requests made under RTI Act.

    Dear sir, I have always found that once an official retires from service, he is considered as an unwanted person in his office itself and at other Government offices too. The question of moving matters all the more difficult,pathetic, and painful, if the retired official is a Senior Citizen and that too sick. He is looked down as a worm on the table, even by officers in service who are likely to retire very soon. They forget that they too will get similar humiliating treatment when he approaches after his retirement. This mentality is in very much in Tamilnadu Government offices, and also found in Central Government offices.
    I will bring many incidents in the future threads.
    Let God save the retired officials and Senior Citizens.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Disregard to requests made under RTI Act.

    Quote Originally Posted by K.R.Chandrasekaran. View Post
    Let God save the retired officials and Senior Citizens.
    Everything is in the hands of the Almighty.
    However, we have RTI in our own hands.
    It can also help us, if we try.
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  3. Re: Disregard to requests made under RTI Act.

    K.R.Chandrashekaran Sir,

    You have retired from very high office of TN Govt. You might have seen the Procedural and Motivation shortfalls in many areas of Government either in State or Central Govt., At many places you might have seen how people are forced to bribe.

    During in service you are deligated with many official powers so that you might have noted on officials files regarding short falls and steps to be taken to improve and could have taken many steps.

    But you cannot now, so let us share our feeling with all of RTI Activists, and such Applicants who wants to improve the system by making use of RTI.

    This can be possible only when good thoughts and good actions to gether work in a synchronized way.

    In this way we can ERADICATE CORRUPTION in near future to make bright India so that India can become Supreme Power in the WORLD.

    I can say one thing that during such process we may have to face many hardles.

    Let us try our level best to do best.


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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Disregard to requests made under RTI Act.

    Dear Mr.Chandrasekharan,
    Please Cheer up. Things are not as bad as you have depicted. You should reconcile with the fact that even while in service one is not respected as a person. The respect is towards the power one wield. There is nothing to crib. If the official had other qualities, those qualities will continue to be respected. Take the example of our former President of India. Eventhough he doesnot get the Presidents power and respect, he is still welcomed and respected for his other qualities unlike some of his predecessors.

  5. Re: Disregard to requests made under RTI Act.

    Dear Mr.rakatkam. and mr.colnrkurup,
    Thank you for reply. To "eradicate the corruption " lies mainly in practice. In our times this is viewd as a ugly one, but now many do not mind. Hence educating the present persons in power(office) will have little effect and we have forgotton that there are enough laws for implementation and enforcement. What we have to do is enlighten the public not to fall prey or tend to get things quickly by shortcut manner. The public must be disciplined in this manner to fight corruption. Medias will be best tool in this regard.
    thank you,
    k.r.chandrasekaran.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

  6. Re: Disregard to requests made under RTI Act.

    As this is just an introductory thread, I am closing it.

    Kindly start your queries and discussions at the right forum.
    Thank You!


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