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Thread: Hello Fellow Indians

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    Hello Fellow Indians

    I'm a law-abiding citizen from Bangalore.
    I've filed an RTI (with 6 questions) to the Bhubaneswar police regarding the investigation status of a (well known) false criminal case against me.
    The reply I got from the PIO, o/o DIG of Police, is a bland refusal of the questions saying the FIR is under investigation and he cannot provide me the information as per section 8 and 9 of the RTI act. There is no explanation as to how each question falls under the section 8 or 9.
    I'm now drafting the 1st appeal against this 'too brief' reply from the PIO.

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    dear fightin, i think the stand taken by you is correct. since you have not received a "reasoned' order, the only option is to go for appeal. however, it would be better to make enquiries with knowledgeable people as to whether rti is applicable to this case; to the best of my knowledge, police / security agencies cannot be compelled to divulge information unless it deals with human rights violations or corruption.

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    Welcome to RTI India
    As this is just an introductory forum, I am closing this thread to prevent further discussion on topic started by you.

    Kindly raise your query at appropriate forum if you have any.


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