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  1. introduction

    my name is mohamed nissar aged about 60 years
    i am an engineer by qualification and have not worked in any organisation.
    my family had steel trading business since 1940 and i had started a steel rolling mill in 1979.
    i am totally retired and doing social work only for my satisfaction.
    i am keenly interested doing service hence joined RTI india.

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    Mr Mohamed Nissar, Welcome to RTI India. We appreciate your keen sense of doing service to the society. Have a great time with us here. Please also visit our sister site, Big Helpers, wherein we pool the collective knowledge of our community to help out people on all social causes other than RTI.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    Welcome online Mohamed Nissar to RTI India. I am sure you would become our productive member more so in Big where we need people like you willing to extend their help to others.

    This is what is our charter at Big Helpers:

    Reach out at Big to get personalized solutions to your problems and share your worldly insight with those that need your help in India.

    What is Big Helpers? is a network of people joining us and are dedicated to helping you.

    That’s pretty vague. You’re helping me do what, exactly?
    Find answers to important questions like Passport, Income Tax Refund, Ration Card, FIR, Employee Provident Fund Transfer, Government Claims, Pregnancy issues, Credit card Misuse, Getting Admission to School, Consumer issues, Depression, Finding a Doctor e.t.c. to name a few. Learn new skills. Get inspired. Create Groups, Solve problems, help others. Change things. Accomplish stuff that matters.

    Wow! How?
    We connect you with experts, leaders, and other like-minded individuals who share your same passion, and we develop these connections into powerful, supportive online communities. We use Project tools, Shared Wiki, Industry Expert Articles and Social Networking groups.

    But what if I’m an expert? People keep telling me that I like to think I am anyway.
    We help experts, and bloggers in particular, grow their ability to make a difference by connecting them with individuals who have important decisions to make, questions to answer, or problems to solve.

    Wait just a second… are you going to make me pay for this?

    Nope. The price of admission is you have to help other people when they ask. That’s all.

    This sounds great! Where can I sign up?
    Why, my friend, just register to begin!

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    Re: introduction

    Welcome aboard Mr.Mohamed Nissar


    RTI INDIA: Invoking Your Rights. We provide easy ways to request, analyze & share Government documents by use of Right to Information and by way of community support.

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