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Thread: Starnge Arunachal Pradesh RTI Rules

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    C J Karira
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    Starnge Arunachal Pradesh RTI Rules

    Attached are the RTI Rules for Arunachal Pradesh.

    Some of the rules are really strange and contravene the basic RTI Act itself:

    1. Application in Form A
    Receipt to be given for every application.
    Receipt contains a clause that if applicant does not turn up to collect
    the information on the appointed day, PIO will not be responsible for the delay.
    2. If application does not pertain to that particular PIO, he will return it
    to applicant in Form B (Outside the jurisdiction of competent authority) (contravenes Sec 6(3))
    3. If application by email, fees to be paid by Treasury Challan within 7 days, otherwise application is treated as withdrawn. In such a case application fee will not be refunded
    4. Rejection by PIO under Sec 8 of the RTI Act in Form C
    5. PIO's reply in Form D.
    PIO's reply only for information pertaining to his department.
    Othrwise PIO will reject rest of the information.
    6. Appeal time limits are against the Act (30 days and 60 days)
    7. Penalties under Sec 20 are:
    Rs 50 per day
    Subject to Max. of Rs. 500
    For false information Max. of Rs 1000
    8. Suo Moto disclosure: The rules specify time limits like once every 5 years, once every 3 years, etc....
    9. Application Fee is Rs 50.00 but application fee with respect to information tenders/bids/quotations/business contracts is Rs 500.00
    (are different application fees allowed for different types of information ?)

    Any members on this forum from Arunachal Pradesh ?

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    Re: Starnge Arunachal Pradesh RTI Rules

    Really our State RTI rules is strange and deteriorating.Any suggestion to fight with this.???

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    You'll have to file an application with some department. Once it is rejected, file appeals. After SIC has decided, file a writ petition in the High Court to have the Rules declared as infringing the Act and therefore void. Phew...

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    Re: Starnge Arunachal Pradesh RTI Rules

    I think acomplaint can be send to highcourt directly attaching the rules of SIC , As Rti isfundamental right .

  5. Re: Starnge Arunachal Pradesh RTI Rules

    Quote Originally Posted by rajyadav017 View Post
    I think acomplaint can be send to highcourt directly attaching the rules of SIC , As Rti isfundamental right .

    yes, you are absolutely right. Arunahcal cannot flaunt the fundamental RTI act that is being followed by every state, UT, etc. of our country. The State Inf. commission should answer the anomalies.


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