Applicant raised some important points with CIC but unfortunately did not draft the application and/or First Appeal properly.

The First Appeal rejected because what was asked, was not considered as "information":

(i) Since information was not provided to him in ID No. 9 dated 27.07.2006 in respect of question No. 4(a) as well as in respect of Shri Bhanwar Singh even as on date despite enlightening the CIC of all developments and when they occurred, hat made the CIC to close the case ?
(ii) Under what rule of the RTI Act, 2005 was the PIO absolved of his charges despite having not provided the information, as sought, till date ?
(iii) Name, designation, address and Tele. No. of the Ist Appellate Authority to whom the applicant can approach for the redressal of grievances against CIC ?
(iv) Can the CIC again be approached in its capacity on 2nd Appellate Authority against itself ?
(v) Appointment with Shri Wajahat Habibullah Saheb, Chief Information Commissioner.
(vi) In case where the CIC also fails to help the applicant in seeking information and closes the case, who is the authority to be approached ?