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Thread: can govt setaside Information commission orders

  1. can govt setaside Information commission orders

    Ca the central/state Government interfere with or set aside any of the orders or directions made or issued by the Information commission?

  2. No. The Government may however approach the High Court under special original jurisdiction of that Court under Art. 226 of the constitution of India or the Supreme Court under Art. 32.

  3. That means that any order passed by Information commission can be challanged at court.

  4. Technically YES, but for that the fundamental right as confered by Constitution of India should be violated. When its challenged before Hon'ble court one has to justify how Article 32 or Article 226 comes in question. Courts on sufficent ground can only entertain the writs.

    No order can be superior than the Supreme Law i.e. Constituion of India.

  5. Re: can govt setaside Information commission orders

    you can not say government but Courts can do that under Writ jurisdiction. in our case in Punjab, PIO has challenged the decision of Commission before High Court of Punjab & Haryana.

    kamal anand
    c/o People for transparency

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    Re: can govt setaside Information commission orders

    In my views the high court and supreme court is final interpreter of law. Any body including Govt may reach high court or supreme court. I think Govt may not invoke writ jurisdiction under article 226 or 32.


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