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Thread: Babus use RTI to mellow bosses

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    Babus use RTI to mellow bosses

    As reported by Radheshyam Jadhav of TNN in on 11 April 2008:
    Babus use RTI to mellow bosses-Pune-Cities-The Times of India

    Babus use RTI to mellow bosses

    PUNE: If you are fed up of your boss’ threats and want to teach him a lesson, then take a leaf from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) employees, who are ready to prove that bullying bosses could be busted using the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

    employees, working in various departments, are seeking information about their bosses under the RTI in large numbers.

    Many civic employees ensure that the information reaches the media and top civic heads like municipal commissioner and additional commissioners. In majority of the cases employees ask their friends and relatives to file the application, while there are some who directly seek the information.

    Some of the most common questions asked are: whether their boss has the paid property tax, which files has he cleared and which he has held back, whether boss' family is duping the civic body, do they have any illegal construction.

    One of the PMC workeres said that there is no policy or procedure in place to check their bosses'threats. "A lot of times bosses are biased while writing confidential reports. The RTI has enabled us to seek information about our bosses, which makes them cautious in their dealings with other employees."

    "One of our bosses' sons was involved in illegal construction. We sought the information and since then his behaviour has changed. He has mellowed a lot now," said another PMC employee.

    Another civic body worker has sought information on how their boss' family would use the civic facilities and allowances.

    However, it is not only employees who are seeking information about top bosses, some of the corporators are using the RTI Act to get the information about 'errant' officials.

    PMC joint commissioner Arun Patil said, "When the RTI Act was implemented flow of applications seeking information about officers was negligent. But the number has risen since then. Each department of the PMC has officers to give information under the RTI." He added that with the growing awareness on how to file an RTI application, number of people using the tool has increased manifold.

    Offering clarification on such use of the RTI, activist Vijay Kumbhar said, "All these cases can't be dubbed as misuse of the Act as the information sought is meant for public. Actually this information should be made public suo moto." He added that if the PMC officials themselves make all the official information public it would the civic body function more efficiently.

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    Re: Babus use RTI to mellow bosses

    I think this is pure nuanace by using RTI act for such purpose. It makes me think as if it is only for this purpose. RTI Act is not just a weapon against corruption, but to sincerely get the information which otherwise is not available

  3. Re: Babus use RTI to mellow bosses

    This Will Clean Up The System And Compel Officers To Work Within Limits Of Law. Fear Of Being Exposed Is Creating Desired Effect In Governance.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

  4. Re: Babus use RTI to mellow bosses

    It is really good move to seek information in respect of boss. It is my firm belief that employees should extensively use RTI tool to make the functioning of their deparment more effective and efficient for they are aware of weakest link in the department in which they are working.

    But our learned commissioner Shri A.N.Tiwary feels otherwise. According to him employees should be barred from using the RTI as it amounts to seeking explanation from their boss which is against the principles of workculture. In one of the case I sought to know if Head of department has identified the deliquent official for not carrying out physical verification of stores handled. CIc rejected my 2nd appeal.

    Even C.A.T. frowned on knowing that one of its employee is seeking the information which is not his job.

    Our society /our work culture is such that employees are demotivated for seeking the information because our lerned judge and commissioner are brought up in the environment where concept ' boss is always right ' holds good

  5. Re: Babus use RTI to mellow bosses

    This Act shows the tremendous power even a pennyless person can have...
    It will definitely reduce corruption and improve efficiency of the system...
    It will intorduce a culture of transparency....
    Long live RTI

  6. Re: Babus use RTI to mellow bosses

    i agree with madhumitha; as a pio, i get many applications seeking information which does not serve any useful purpose except as a means to harass and embarass the officer concerned.but no point in complaining; it is the law;use and misuse of any law are co-extensive; invariably misuse of the law begins earlier than its genuine use. it is the way of the world.


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