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    private scools

    What can i do against a private school if one of my friend has been failed in 11th class though her exams were good. i think there must be partiality in checking the exam coppys ,and she is asked to repeate 11th standard.she has been getting distinction till 10th standard.she has also not been shown her test copys.

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    Re: private scools

    All those schools whether private, unaided or aided, are under RTI which are RECOGNIZED by Govt of India. You write to the principal for disclosure of information. If he/she refuses, you should then approach education department (or other concerned deptt with your query)

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    Your friend can get all the info under rti from private unaided schools through District Education Officer, which controls such schools under section 2 [f] of the RTI Act. Make an application to the PIO of Dist Education Officer, by paying Rs.10 as court fee stamp affixed on the application and cross-signed by applicant if info pertains to Maharashtra.
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    RTI and Private schools

    I have come across that RTI shall not be applicable to private schools. Is it true? Government for its own interests have directed the courts not to treat private schools under RTI. Can govt. decide on it? If govt. has given recognition and subsidized land to schools, can't they be treated under RTI?

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