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Thread: Income tax Refund

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    Income tax Refund

    Hi all,

    I have read ealrier post of filing RTI to get income tax refund, i got the template form for the same.

    I just need help with two things:

    1) Any sample questions which i can write e.g 1)please give status of refund which i filled for year 06-07? 2) details of officers who has worked on my return file etc..

    idea is to get the tough questions which will help me to get my refund quickly.

    2) I am planning to submit the RTI application at GPO, VT, mumbai.
    I am not sure how to go about it and payment mode and address to whom. Please assit me with these questions.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Re: Income tax Refund

    Since you are based at Mumbai, the following thread, esp. post No. 23 & 24 of HemaSampat will provide you the necessary additional information.
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    Question Re: Income tax Refund

    hi all,

    thanks for the help.. i filed my RTI asking for refund status 2 weeks back and today i got a rpely from dy. income tax commissioner, reply is actaully a bit confussing, so i need help in what i make out of the below reply and what should i do:

    reply recieved:
    On verification it is seen that hitherto you are assessed to tax in charge of ITO 15(1)(1), mumbai. therefore your PAN is be migrated to this city charge i.e CPC-29,mumbai for processing and issues of refund due to you.
    in this regard neccessary action for migration of POAN is undertaken and as soon as the PAN is migrated to this charge, your return will be processed and due refund shall be issues.

    Dy. Commissioner of Income Tax (HQ)-29
    Leena Ramchandran
    Please assit with your replies on below questions:

    1) so does this mean i had to fil my return in HQ 29 and by mistake i filed in HQ 15?
    2) should i wait for few days and file another RTI asking HQ 29 officer when this will happen?

    please assist.

  4. Re: Income tax Refund

    Dear Abbas,
    We do not have the benefit of knowing where you had been filing the returns all these years and such other details. But from the reply it is clear that there has been a mix up in filing them. Besides, the DC has also informed you that necessary action has been initiated for migration of your PAN. Under the circumstances I would suggest you to wait for some more time.

    If possible, please attach/upload your RTI application and its reply for the benefit of all.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.


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