As reported by Akshaya Deva in on 16 April 2008:
Jagran CityPlus

Speed-breakers nay bone-breakers; danger zones

Majority of speed breakers, more like humps on roads, across the City are a major cause of accidents because they are built in violation of the approved specifications, says Koramangala-based RTI activist Anil Kumar.

Anil Kumar does not blame the humps; instead, he criticises the failure of the authority to understand the practicality of motor driving.

Given the specification laid down by the Indian Road Congress, a road hump should not be taller than 0.125 meter (approximately 5 inches), and wider than 3 meters.

In Bangalore, hardly any humps fit into these specifications. Round about a year ago, Anil Kumar invoked his favourite RTI weapon to explore the guideline that Bangalore's civic authority (BBMP) complies with while building road humps.

When he sought for such information, BBMP did not bother to answer. Anil sued the authority in the court of Information Commission.

He posed a few difficult questions such as how may road humps are unauthorised in the City, who shoulders the responsibility for carrying out such a grave mischief and what action the authority took against them. The court got him the information he was seeking for, but it did not go to the extent of ordering the BBMP to modify humps as described in the guidelines.

The Commission, however, made it clear that the Commissioner of BBMP will be held responsible for any injury or loss of life triggered by the hump.

"In February this year, a bike rider Suryaprakash met his death on BTM Ring Road, near Manjunatha Tiles Depot, as the hump he was crossing over complied with no specification whatsoever. First and foremost, there was no signboard to caution the motorists that there is a hump ahead in the track. Nor there was any streetlight enabling the motorist to make out the hump," says Anil Kumar.

According to him, BBMP is likely to announce compensation for some victims as the authority has now been educated on its responsibility.

In Koramangala, there are nine so-called unauthorised humps. And this is admitted by none other than BBMP's executive engineer. And, they are in front of Bethany School, Reliance Fresh outlet, near Jyothi Nivas College, 1st Main Road of 7th Block, 17th 'C' Main in 5th Block, 7th cross near Raheja Residency Apartment, 5th cross, 2nd main of 1st block, 7th cross at 8th Main junction in 4th Block Koramangala. According to Chavan, father of the deceased, "The height of the speed breaker can't be judged because it was not marked with paint nor are there blinkers. There was no signage even at the spot. Anyhow it is an unbearable loss to us".

Speed-breakers are meant to prevent possible freak accidents. But here there are many which are responsible for road mishaps...