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Thread: Action by Govt.for over flooding of RTI appeals/petitions

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    Tara Shankar
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    Action by Govt.for over flooding of RTI appeals/petitions

    RTI act 2005,came up ,applicable to a large section of society catering to more than 100 crores of population in this country.While piling of RTI application with public authorities may not be that large,but it is very large at 2nd Appeals ,it is because the PIO either did not reply or find ways to refuse taking Shelter of Sec.8 of RTI Act.Unfortunately there is one SIC in each state and one CIC to handle such voluninous appeals being filed .

    I had visited recently SIC of Orissa State at Bhubaneswar to enquire about my 3 nos of second appeals sent on 29.11.2007 for which I did not receive any intimation except receiving my postal ADs.

    Although the officials are very co-operative ,they told me "Sir,SIC is flooded with 2nd Appeals/complaints,now we are taking up cases of Sept.2007,it is difficult to find your three appeals from such a huge pile up of appeals see there in the cub board ,here and there ,but sure it will take another 2/3 months and notice will go to you,he politely gave his personal mobile number also for any enquiry ,as I told I have come from MP and I can not come frequently"
    As an officer in Govt.sector I understand the plight,with one information comissioner ,how many cases can be handled a day,there is high dispropertion as to handling of cases versus cases received.
    What the remedy,in such situation RTI is definitely loose the confidence of citizens.

    May I tell that Courts are piled up with cases and the litigents just runs but millions pending,genuine ones suffering,others i.e accused/offenders enjoying.Even genuinee litigants dies intestate when matter pending,offenders makig a hay and laugh of the matter perticularly when the LRs donot take up the cases on want of funds and maladies of legal system.All such issues are deliberated in air conditioned auditorium but issues remain there only.

    We the RTI activists can do any thing?


  2. Re: Action by Govt.for over flooding of RTI appeals/petitions

    The approach need to be multifarious .

    1. Use Pro-active disclosure to persuade Government to pro actively disclose information.
    2. Involve Government agencies in PPP model to introduce electronic form of governance. You would realize that Paper form of government communications are bound to create layers than Electronic mode of Governance.
    3. Form a poll of questions clusters under RTI and run them full course. This is especially true for those pursuing RTI cases actively. Thus only those cases are taken up which affect the society at large.

    many of the suggestions can be found in this topic:

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    Re: Action by Govt.for over flooding of RTI appeals/petitions

    Section 1 of the Act very clearly lays down that all public authorities shall maintain records duly catalogued and indexed in a manner that facilitates right to information,and ensure that all records are computerised within a reasonble time.This action is to be suo motu.If the said authorities decimate all the information through their website,their work load wrt RTi will come down considerably.
    A massive campaign on Q A related to RTI need to be run by NGOs/social orgs/RTI activists/responsible individuals.
    Right To Information does provide all of us with enormous power,but there are also undefined responsiblities ,self restraints and, discipline requirements.There is a very thin line between Democracy and Anarchy.

  4. Re: Action by Govt.for over flooding of RTI appeals/petitions

    The shortest and most practical method of reducing second appeals is to award exemplary punishment and recommend departmental enquiries against PIO & FAA, who do not perform under RTI. Few examples of this type will send correct signals and CPIO & FAA will sincerely discharge their obligations under this act. Naturally, applicants will not move second appeal. Gujarat is the best example of it. I had very good experience at PIO-level in 95% of applications.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    Re: Action by Govt.for over flooding of RTI appeals/petitions

    In my post above,please amend to read section 4 for 1.Typographical error is deeply regretted.

    I whole heartedly agree with jps remarks above.Nothing works better than examplary punishment .
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  6. Re: Action by Govt.for over flooding of RTI appeals/petitions

    The computerisation of appeals & applications is the best method. In IT companies across India, there are softwares available that escalate issues to the senior management if the particular issue is not resolved within the stipulated time (called service level agreement - SLA). Similar softwares should be adopted by the govt to track each and every appeal/application and brought online so that the applicant can see the status of his application without needing to chase the govt officer.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Action by Govt.for over flooding of RTI appeals/petitions

    Kindly come to mother earth. In normal cource, how many second appeals/complaints one visualise to reach each of the CiC/SICs daily ? Not more than 100 per day in any case. Can't they spare one clerk, enough file folders, a Register and almerah to stack these files serially ? All that this clerk has to do is to register these appeal immediately on receipt, allot a Case Number, put it in a file folder and sent an acknowledgement card to the appellant. One clerk can very easily handle this job. Do you mean to say that the Chief Secretaries having more than 35 yearsof service in IAS cadre holding the office of SICs/CIC does not have this much basic knowledge on office management ?

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Action by Govt.for over flooding of RTI appeals/petitions

    We keep complaining about SIC's and CIC.

    I have been going through some annual reports of the SIC's .

    If you read the Goa SIC's annual report, you will feel very sad (if you do not end up crying). The Goa CSIC was typing out his own orders/decisions on his own computer at home. Even today they have only one Junior Steno (Trainee). Many more interesting statements in those annual reports.

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