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Thread: Thane as Forest Land

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    Thane as Forest Land

    Can any body tell me what is the latest verdict from Mumbai court regarding declaring Thane as Private Forest Land and what is actual impact.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Thane as Forest Land


    Please refer to the following thread:

    Maybe you can join forces with the dm_jadhav (who started the thread referred to above) since both of you have the same problem.
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    Unfortunately, "Private Forest Land" case is still pending. In last week of April, Bombay HC and SC have rejected plea of builders to remove stay on the ongoing construction. Now case is being handled by SC. The next date for hearing in last week of August. Till then stay is maintained.
    Till date I have never heard court of mentioning that the buildings are illigal. Media has projected this case in favour of residents in a very good manner. Now everybody knows that is it fault of revenue department who did not update the records properly. However in front of court nobody will be spared. Since it is clear that there was mistake in updating records, for court it would mean that residencial use of forest land is illigal (Though we have all completed all legal formalities). Now we have to look out what are the solutions to come out of this.
    1) Constructed property can be legalised by paying some penalty. which will be used to cultivate forests somewhere else. Unconstruced property may or may not be allowed to construct.
    2) In rearest rare case court will tell to demolish the buildings and tell state government to allocate us to other place. Taking cue from Ulhasnagar case this will not happedn. In UN case none of the buidings has legal documents. We have all.

    State governement is submitting proposal to union government to regularise the building. But according to me state govenment has no more role to play in this matter. Because all forest land belongs to union ministry and not state ministry. So only cental government can save us. Luckily due to elections in next year, government may go in favour of affected people. But if this case goes beyond one year, it would be difficult to resolve this impasse.
    One more fear I have is, 2 years back at the time of booking, property prices were low. after 2 years of stay properties are now doubled. Suppose if SC gives green signal for construction of these buildings, then builder would demand more from purchares for addtional cost due to steel and cement. This nobody has thought yet.

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    Re: Thane as Forest Land

    Can we shift this thread to offbeat lounge-chitchat please. Thanks.

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    Question Re: Thane as Forest Land

    I heard that on 22 august 2008 the forest land case hearing was due. Does any one have any information on the same. Please share.


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