I had asked to a CPSU ,PIO on specific details of information as follows:

1.Is there any reservation of posts for OBC in promotions of Executives from one grade to other in line with SC/ST Categories in Promotion policy?
If so , executives mostly recruited directly as General Candidates before 1993 ,who were in fact OBCs as per Govt. Notifications for reservation in Services ,whether reservation of posts for OBC in promotion is applicable to them also, who were recruited as General Candidates prior to 1993?
2.Is there any Circular/notification issued for such General Candidates for regularization in OBC Categories for the purpose of promotions by calling from them OBC Certificates? If so certified copies of such circulars be provided.
3.Recently there is an advertisement for recruitment to different executive cadres, discipline and grades where reservation of posts marked for OBC also. Whether these OBC executives recruited shall be at advantageous position because of reservation of posts in promotion for OBC category in line with SC/ST Category for them?
<O:p</O:p4.Whether these OBC Executives recruited shall take turn of superseding the General Candidates in promotions, who are in fact OBCs but recruited prior to 1993 (as stated in para as above) , the way some executives in SC/ST category have so far already superseded some of executives in general category in promotions because of posts earmarked for them?
5.How the PSU plans to level play this anomaly and if there is some guidelines for existing on roll executives to regularize themselves in OBC Category for the purpose of promotions and other allied benefits, copies of such guidelines be given.

Incidentally the PIO has given a very evasive reply as follows

On examination of the above,it is evident that your request is in the form of queries.It may be noted that RTI Act 2005 has no scope for eliciting explanations for actions or inactions by officers of the public authority

he has not stated any rejection or anything else but asking me if you so like you can prefer an appeal it means informations has been denied denied.

I am planning to file an appeal ,may I have the opnions from fellow members on it
to make my appeal justified<O:p