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View Poll Results: what a indian citizen will do if no one take care of his Grievance

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  • Just leave it and go back to work

    1 25.00%
  • fight with the goverment for justice

    2 50.00%
  • plan to cancel his citizenship

    0 0%
  • shame to be a indian

    1 25.00%
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Thread: get back the RTI application and he will do the Needful

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    C J Karira
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    Re: get back the RTI application and he will do the Needful


    Here is a crooked idea to solve a crooked problem and will also put your fears at rest.

    You said: "but on saturday the junior engg and the asst engg from electricity board came to my house to check the low voltage"

    File a very simple RTI application as follows:

    (This should be made to a different PIO than the first one, like the PIO of the neighboring sub station or area or the Head Office or something like that. He will transfer your application under Sec 6(3) to the correct and the original PIO)

    On .........(the date and time), a Junior Engineer (give his name if you know) and a Asst. Engineer (give his name if you know) of the ................................department, visited my residence located at............................. and having electricity meter number................with consumer number....................and inspected my residence for my complaints for low and fluctuating voltage.
    Please provide me a certified copy of the inspection report submitted by the above two officers who visited my residence.
    Please provide me a certified copy of the "action taken report" which is based on the above mentioned "inspection report".

    You submit the above RTI application.
    Once you submit it, go visit the JE who is blackmailing you. Tell him that you are willing to withdraw the RTI Application but how can you be sure that your work will done. Do other kond of general chit chat. Irrespective of the answer he gives and whether you are convinced or not, request him to accompany you to the PIO for application withdrawal.
    Withdraw your first RTI Application when the JE accompanies you.

    Then sit back and wait for a few days till information about your second RTI application reaches him.

    Your work will be done.
    You will withdraw your RTI application.
    JE will be happy for a few days.

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    Re: get back the RTI application and he will do the Needful

    Respected Sir,

    thanking for the reply

    i get you back soon

    thanking you

    suresh sabapathyr

  3. Re: get back the RTI application and he will do the Needful

    My cousin brother had similar demand from officer of Provident Fund Office at Vadodara [Guj] to withdraw RTI application which he filed at my instance after writing for two years to PF office for his dues. He phoned me from PF Office about request of the officer. I advised him not to withdraw RTI application and insist for action taken report for last 2 years as requested in application, with names of erring staff. U will be surprised to know that all his PF dues were settled in 20 days or so, for which he was begging for two years! Please do not withdraw. This is officer's trap to escape accountability. All the best.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    Re: get back the RTI application and he will do the Needful

    Respected Sir

    Dr. Kushal Pathak,
    Chief Dreamer RTI India &
    Network Staff Administrator.</ALIGN>

    please close this thread

    i am already shame to be an indian as there is no respect to a indian citizen greviances in govt officials

    even the electricity board recived my forward greviances from ministry of power and the president undersecatary and the prime minister all the top officials which i have sent

    but they are not responding to that

    so what to do i have tried

    i dont know who is the real in power in india for all this and to attend the greivances

    so leave this matter i have planed to changed my house it self

    because i loose my business due to all this

    may the goverment should respect thier higher officials

    or indian will get or not get a good govement in india

    thank you

    god must be crazy
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    Re: get back the RTI application and he will do the Needful

    This case MUST be fought to its rightful conclusion,whatever it takes. RTI should be of use to harassed and seemingly helpless people like sureshsabapaty. Do we have anyone around/close to Puducherr (details can be obtained from suresh) ,who can assist. I am ready to take up expenditure tag. As an RTIINDIA team ,we should take up this challenge and fight all out and by all means to win.
    I have just posted my views/comments on achieving 10,000 posts.And this is a test case for us.
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