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Thread: playing with RTI

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    Col Kurup, things are not that simple as you have made it out. Though it greatly varies from office to office. And mainly it depends on the person on the spot.

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    Re: playing with RTI

    Please,I suggest not to address by individual names except for thanking or joking or appreciating.
    As for things being not that simple, it is a matter of perception.
    Generally,not always,matters can be solved amicably in majority of cases and offices,provided rigidity and ego are kept aside. Open mind is a great settler and sure medicine for any organisational success.

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    Re: playing with RTI

    This is in response to col kurup's post(#16) above.

    Col. Are you suggesting that seeking information under RTI is akin to confrontation with the establishment?

    Just by seeking information in a written format is no way construed to confronting the Establishment.

    But majority of bureaucracy thinks in that way. Once you start citing/using RTI, even a friendly officer becomes agitated, aggressive, uncommunicative and hostile.

    And if that is the case then so it be. We should confront/play them with our Ten Rupee Missiles.


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    Since ur officer is saying that RTI is not instrument of Grievance Redressal, put forward RTI questioner as per link. This will be beneficial to u as well as to all your collegue.

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    Re: playing with RTI

    all respected members. i am very thankful to you all .i am fool enough to steighth way go to RTI . i made an humble request as per proper channel . then i made an request to AO. then I went to Staff grievances cell where i got reply that since your controlling officer is not allowing your TA claims rules cant be implemented in your case.then i asked through rti to circle office where i got reply that officer of my rank and cadre are entitled to travel in taxi . i submotted that letter to my boss who said keep RTI in your pocket.

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    Re: playing with RTI

    Col.Sir, In the state govt. office,in establishment section, it very difficult to verify ones own data. Hence after a normal request, if an employee could not get it , he should resort to the present Act.
    Fight for the Right.

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    Re: playing with RTI

    Thank you for your ten rupees missiles.
    Fight for the Right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colnrkurup View Post
    In my personal opinion government servants should be able to get their service problems remedied and satisfied with departmental procedure. There is a very excellent procedure exist. Using RTI arise only when mutal relations are spoiled and reached a stage of confrontation. For Eg.if a government servant want to see his leave account he could be able to walk into his Estblishment section and see it. But I have seen that people are resorting to RTI Act even for this. Basically so long as the man-management system is satisfactory there should not be any reason for a government servant to resort to RTI though they are fully entitled as per the Act. But when one resort to RTI channel straight a way he is entering into confrontation with his superiors making the lives of both miserable. Ultimately the strongest of the lot wins causing problem to the other and his family.
    IT is a matter of fact that in Govt office the human resource and management is very poor. Govt is all going for liberalization but management within has not changed with the same pace. It appears some serious thought needs to be given to ensure that the services are professionally managed.

    I will give one simple instance in Central Govt Services for all those provident fund is maintain by Govt, with every transfer one has to get a new account no at new place and then ensure that all balances are properly accounted.
    There is an urgent need to improve management within as well
    RTI India Network Staff Member

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