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Thread: playing with RTI

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    Re: playing with RTI

    Quote Originally Posted by sidmis View Post
    This is in response to col kurup's post(#16) above.

    Col. Are you suggesting that seeking information under RTI is akin to confrontation with the establishment?

    Just by seeking information in a written format is no way construed to confronting the Establishment.

    But majority of bureaucracy thinks in that way. Once you start citing/using RTI, even a friendly officer becomes agitated, aggressive, uncommunicative and hostile.

    And if that is the case then so it be. We should confront/play them with our Ten Rupee Missiles.


    The remarks above are based on out of context quoting of remarks at post 16(col's).Comments at post 16 are very clear ,if all other internal avenues are exhausted then by all means fight through RTI.But dont use RTI as a matter of routine because then we will lose the power of RTI.

    Majority of officers and others in govt related offices are hostile because of fear of unknown and exposure of their misdeeds.That does not mean we should be equally hostile in our thinking and dealing with them.Use of socalled bravado of ten rupee missile will hit no one in the long run but poor citizens genuinely seeking info through RTI.
    There is no doubt that management of data in Govt organisations is generaly poor and there is tremendous resistance for any change,computerisation is still some distance away for reasons of losing power and may be jobs.
    By the way , maintaining only one PF account no. irrespective of transfers has been under serious consideration for sometime now and should be implemented soon.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: playing with RTI

    Thank you Mr.OP Sharma. I don't think I would be able to explain my position more clearly than what you did. Thank you once again.

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    Re: playing with RTI

    With due apologies to all forum members especially to Col. Kurup for quoting something out of context as pointed out by OPSHARAMA, I also believe that RTI should not a tool of confrontation between the bureaucracy and "We the People of India".

    There's something in the Title of this thread that enticed me to say something out of context.

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    Re: playing with RTI

    Siddharth,I have read many of your posts and I sincerely believe many of these are well reasoned gems worth maintaining and learning from.
    I have started a blog :resorting to RTI-a routine or last resort.
    I shall appreciate constructive comments/discussions in that blog from all you gentlemen.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: playing with RTI

    Of all the RTI applications I have filed till date in my short stint with RTI (only 13 months), only two sets (several RTI applications to the same PA) have to do with my personal or my company affairs:

    1. In the first case, I visited the PA 137 times, before filing the first RTI Application
    2. In the second case, two PA's were involved. I visited one 7 times and the other 8 times, before filing a RTI Application.
    In this second case I also voluntarily gave a 3 hour training session for the PIO's.

    You can imagine how many letters I would have written.

    Should I have waited more ? How much more patience do I need to have ?

    Please remember that nearly 65% of India's population is below 35 years of age. Most of them have grown up in the "instant" age - instant idli, instant gulab jamun, instant messaging, instant yoga and as per one newspaper advertisement, even instant karma.
    Obviously they are going to look for instant solutions and instant redressal.

    Everyone knows, that if "expectations" of the citizens are up there and the "response" is down here, then the gap is called "frustration".

    That is why citizens resort to RTI.
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