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Thread: Result oriented effort

  1. Result oriented effort

    You had the desired information. what next ?
    You must set out purpose of obtaining the information.
    After getting the information you should have a chart of
    action plan .
    Eg. You ask for missing manholes from gutters.
    You must then ask for enquiry in case of loss and recovery .
    You ask for repair expenses on road that is damaged soon after repairs.
    You shouk\ld ask for name and adress of contractor , officer responsible for quality control and ask for enquiry and repair of road from such contractor free.

    Fraud on Public and waste of public property must be avoided by vigilant citizen because if we dont then nobody will

  2. Quote Originally Posted by chi_international View Post
    You had the desired information. what next ?
    You must set out purpose of obtaining the information.
    After getting the information you should have a chart of
    action plan .
    Chi has commenced an interesting discussion.

    I would like to add here that at the time of making the RTI application itself, the purpose has to be set out along with an action plan and sufficient number of suitable supplementary questions to be framed in the application to achieve this purpose.

    To elaborate this, let me take the same example of missing man-hole covers. If our main question is about the details of such missing covers area-wise/street-wise, then the supplementary questions can be as follows:

    1.Please furnish the names and designations of the officials who are entrusted with over-seeing the security of these covers.
    2. Please furnish the dates on which these covers were reported as missing at your office and the details of the persons who reported the same.
    3. Whether any departmental investigation/enquiry was held on the matter and if so, the name & designation of the officials who conducted them, along with a copy of their report.
    4. If any police complaint was filed on these missing covers, please furnish the names & designations of the officials who filed such complaints.
    5.Please furnish the details of the follow-up action taken by these officials with the police and their result.

    Questions of the above nature not only seek information, but also try to fix the responsibility on the erring/corrupt officials. These are just a few questions that came to my mind. Probably there are many members in our forum who can do better in framing such loaded questions to suit different cases and situations.

    But by and large the general public are not quite adept in making RTI applications with such precision. That is why our forum administrators have started a separate section under RTI Help, to help the public in making a proper RTI application. I am sure that in course of time this area of our forum will generate wide-spread interest.

  3. Rightly said Ganpat,
    It always advisable to ask for all information in one go. There might be a sitation when all this officer will be preparing RTI reply at their own sweet speed and qoute that that what they did all the time and no time for development work.

  4. result oriented effort

    good feedback we can contribute to a question bank and action plan and try to prepare a general standard questions for various themes and also prepare a model action plan let us volunteer on a subject like
    a) Municipal administration
    b) Municipal schools- ever thought that large budget is made for education and upkeep of school but see the condition and standard of municipal schools
    c) Municipal transport
    d) heaLth and saNitation
    e) roads
    f) pwd
    g) government properties
    h) and suggest other...........



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