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Thread: Pension Money Not given

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    Pension Money Not given

    My Mother Smt.S.Padmavathy expired on September, 04 2007. As per Tamilnadu Govt.Pensioners Family Security Scheme a Payment of lumpsum amount of Rs.25,000/- only to Thiru.S.Mohan Dass(MY Father) was alotted.

    The letter sent by the Pension Office had the folowing details:

    dated : 24/12/2007
    signed by the Pension pay officer
    dated 26/12/2007

    The letter clearly says that "the check will be isued by the Director of Pension, DMS Compound, Teynampet, Chennai-6."

    But when My Father approached the Director's office He was disoppointed by the officials saying the check has been sen through POSTAL.

    Till today we have not received any check or acknowledgement card from the postal department which is IMPOSSIBLE BY ALL MEANS. We have also checked with the postal office. They say they have not received any registered letter.

    My Father works in a responsible post and also I can't afford to take leave on 'loss of pays' as I have joined ina new private company.

    Even though when I made a second visit on 04/04/2007. This time the authorities gave the following details:

    Check sent by postal retured on 06/02/2008.
    Ref.NO: ndis1246/08/F3, dated 06/02/2008.

    Why in the whole world that a CHECK should be sent through postal.
    If so WHY THEY DO not INFORM earlier(I could have avoided a 'loss of pay').

    I have chipped ina email to the Public Information Office who is also the Senior Deputy Accountant General (Admn.)
    Office of the The Accountant General (A&E), Tamil Nadu
    361, Anna Salai, Teynampet
    Chennai 600 018

    BUt she called my father's mobile and informed him that she cannot send a acknowledgement for the email. It does not fall under her jurisdiction.


    I HAVE FURTHER COMPLAINED WITH THE "Department of Administrative Reforms And Public Grievances" Through the online Grievance Redressal Form. An Automatic acknowledgement 'Registration Number' is given.

    If the issue goes beyond 2 months, they have to give reason for the delay under the rules and regulations.

    Waiting for Justice.

    Members views on this post are invited.

    Thank You,

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    Just pen down your letter asking the authority to pay your father Interest on the delay in disbursing pension. I am sure you will not get prompt reply
    Just wait of 15 days and then ask for the status of your letter under RTI.

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    Re: Pension Money Not given

    Thanks Kushal,

    Only after I sent the post, I read the terms and conditions of the group.

    I think i will that in mind here afterwards.

    With Kind Regards,

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    Re: Pension Money Not given

    Dear Kushal,

    I have a query, why not 'emails' are not accepted as legitimate records for such cases.


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    Re: Pension Money Not given

    Dear Kushal,

    We got our Mother's pension and also along with it they have replied that "no interest can be paid for sum of amount of rs. 26,000/-".

    One thing was sure till you do not ask, nobody's gonna answer.

    THank You,


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    Surendera M. Bhanot
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    Re: Pension Money Not given

    Mr. Anand Mohan Dass

    Why don’t you file RTI Application. While filing RTI Application detailing the problem being faced by you and quoted therein your all previous references of letter/telephone/personal visits to the office of the Director of Pension, DMS Compound, Teynampet, Chennai-6." and ask for the following information (Please use all or some points as suited to you. Point No. 6-9 below are essential for quick and positive action):

    01. Inform me the day to day action taken on my various requests made earlier (give date wise detail of your letters/visits/phone calls).
    02. Inform me the time needed as per law to finalize the required action.
    03. Inform me latest status of your request.
    04. Provide me the certified copies of the File Notings relating to this matter.
    05. Inform me reasons for the delay
    06. Inform me Name & Designation of the officers/Officials responsible for taking action on your request.
    07. Inform me Name & Designation of the officers/Officials responsible for causing delay on your request.
    08. This application may also be treated as a Notice u/s 80 CPC and the action taken thereunder may also be inform to me in due course.
    09. I have paid fee for the purpose. I am a consumer. The delay is a deficient service. Moreover I am being harassed. What compensation is proposed to paid to me. if Nothing, This may please be treated as a Notice under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
    10. Inform me the manner in which the PA is proposing to compensate you for the mental agony and deficient service.
    11. Any other point on your mind (Think Hard).

    You may also file an online complaint to the Indian President’s Secretariat at :: President's Secretariat Helpline ::

    Most probably your work will be done with a quick pace, which you would had never expected under normal circumstances.

    You will find necessary help for filing the RTI Application by clicking the "RTI Guide" button at the top of this page.

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    Re: Pension Money Not given

    Please correct end of question "your application/reply" with my application/request.
    Thanks to smbhappy for giving good points in RTI applications.


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