As reported by Aneesha Sarin in on 25 April 2008:
UT police care-less towards servant verification

UT police care-less towards servant verification

Chandigarh, April 24 Servant verification continues to be largely ignored in the city- courtesy the lackadaisical attitude of the police. A large number of city residents who applied for checking the authenticity of their domestic help to the police cannot afford to relax and believe that their servants cannot be conspirators- for a huge percentage has never been verified.

While the sensational triple murder in Kajheri last year in which three servants from Bihar fled away with booty after brutally killing an elderly couple Sucha Singh and his Balbir Kaur, still haunts, no lessons seem to have been learnt as the influx of servants from other states continue unabated with no heed being paid to see whether they have a criminal background or whether the address they furnish is correct.

The shoddiness on part of the police with regard to servant verification stands exposed through an RTI application filed by Express. The query, which asked how many residents have applied for servant verification since last year and how many have actually been verified revealed appalling answers.

A total of 2115 city residents applied to the UT police for getting their servants verified in 2007 and till date in 2008. Out of these, only 81 servants have been verified by the police. A servant roll is issued to the police station of the respective state from where the servant hails, and the matter ends till here. In over 80 percent of the application sent, the reply is never received from the police of that state thus making the verification process null and void. The matter has never been taken up by the senior officers of the police with the police of the respective state seeking the reason why the response is not there.

Out of 273 city residents who have applied for servant verification in the jurisdiction of police station Sector 3 in 2007 and till date in 2008, none has been verified by the police. While a total of 32 residents have applied for servant verification in area catering to police station Sector 11, only two have been verified. The files are dumped in the case of police station sector 17 too which has witnessed the largest number of applicants demanding servant verification. Out of 1091 residents who wished to get their servants authenticity verified in jurisdiction of police station sector 17, a mere 50 have been verified.

The condition is no better in sub-division east where out of 142 city residents catering to the area of police station Mani Majra, police station Sector 19 and police station Sector 26-a mere 10 servants have been verified.

Out of 282 city residents who applied for verification in police station Sector 31, only three have been verified. Not a single servant has been verified by the police of police stations Manimajra, Sector 34 and Industrial Area.

“We have been issuing reminders to the police of respective states but the response is not much. The residents should themselves also take caution and always keep a passport size photograph of the servant along with the address to avoid any untoward incident,” said UT SSP, S.S Srivastava.