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Thread: PIO refused registered letter application

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    PIO refused registered letter application

    i recieved my application back from PIO with a remark on postal s
    ide saying -addressee refused to accpt registered letter ?


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    C J Karira
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    Re: PIO refused registered letter application


    This can be termed as "deemed denial of information".
    Please follow the process as suggested in the following post:
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  3. Re: PIO refused registered letter application

    Dear member,
    Was the letter addressed to PIO of that office or was it addressed to any other person? Please verify from the website of the department whether any officer had been designated as PIO for that particular office. Some offices for which PIOs have not been designated are in the habit of returning or refusing RTI applications saying that there is no such post. If it was addressed to PIO , the PIO cannot refuse to accept a registered letter. If a registered letter is refused to be accepted the postal department can refuse to deliver other letters also.(This fact is to be verified). If no person has been designated for that office , you can try sending it to some office higher in position than that office.
    Best wishes.

  4. Re: PIO refused registered letter application

    As we are having format regarding proactive disclosure sent the copy of the same to that department.

    Let them give reply for the same.

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    Re: PIO refused registered letter application

    The same problem occured with me, I had sent an apllication by registered letter to pio of CMPF asansol for PF statement, the enveope was returned unopened with refused remark.

  6. Re: PIO refused registered letter application

    You should avoid sending letter addressed to PIO as some of the department has not yet designated PIOs. No officer will take the responsibility to accept such letter unless he is officially designated as PIO.

    You should address the envelope to the authority so that he has to no excuses.

  7. Re: PIO refused registered letter application

    U can send such refused envelope unopened to the State Info. Com under sec 18. SIC is bound to help out the applicant.
    It takes each of us to make difference for all of us.

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    Registered A/D letter refused by Accounts officer

    I had made an application to accounts officer MJP Thane project mechanical unit administrative building,kanaiya nagar , thane 400 603 for my details of missing credit in gpf account on 30/09/09. When I never received any answer from the officer I made an RTI application for status of my said application through registered A/D again on 20/10/2009 but on 31st octomber 09 received back the registered a/d letter from post with the remarks Refused and return to sender. What shall I do now with the RTI application? and now how to proceed further ?

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