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Thread: Information regarding footpath

  1. Information regarding footpath

    There is construction of flower bed and garden on the footpath. This is done in the name of the beautification of the area and the it is handed over to private companies to maintain it and advertise it.
    But unfortunately citizen has to walk on road as there is very little space for people to walk. It is very dangerous for small school children's and senior citizen.
    I am planning to draft a RTI application for the same cause.
    I want all members to please suggest me the points or question I should ask in my application so that the purpose is solved.
    Even think whether we can draft the application Under Life and Liberty Clause.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Information regarding footpath

    You may ask following information held as per records:
    1. What is the width of the foot-path at .......... as per the original sanction ?
    2. What is the present width of the the ibid foot-path after plantation of the flower
    3. Has the Corporation/Municipal councillors approved the reduction in the width of
    the ....foot-path?
    4. Has the Councillors are apprised by the Town Planner or competent technical
    persons the damage such reduction in width of foot-path can cause to children
    and senior cityzen ?

  3. Re: Information regarding footpath

    You can add the following also
    1. Is the maintenance of the flower bed and garden at........... approved by the
    competent authority?
    2. If so who has approved it? Please issue a certified copy of the approval order
    to me.
    3. Who or which organisation is maintaining the garden?
    4. Is any taxpayers money spent for the maintenance?
    5. If a company is maintaining the garden has it put up any advertisement for
    promoting the company’s interests?
    6. Is that company paying any amount by way of rent ?
    7. In how many other places such gardens have been allowed to be
    maintained ? Please give the list of places and the organizations which are
    maintaining them.

    (You can alter or delete the questions depending upon the facts of your case)
    Best Wishes,

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    Re: Information regarding footpath

    Hi nile,

    You are right. In the name of building pavements, footpaths, road-side parks, Indian roads have been narrowed down. Needless to mention that round-tanas occupy a larger space in the junction of roads and has been a greater hindrance to the traffic.

    When you file an RTI, you clearly state the above point and emphasize on factors like road safety, clear traffic, prevention of accidents, pedestrians safety etc. By highlighting these aspects, your application would surely get through.



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