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Thread: Fees - How to pay and in what form?

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    Fees - How to pay and in what form?

    My application under RTI Act to Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (BCKV), Mohanpur, Nadia seeking information has been rejected on the plea that I paid the required fee of Rs. 10/- by Indian Postal Order.
    The PIO, BCKV informs that I have to pay a 'court fee' of Rs.10/- as per Clause-3 of West Bengal RTI Rules, 2006.
    In my humble opinion, transactions with BCKV can not be equated with transactions with a 'court'. The fee should therefore be payable to the concerned organisation as is the case in other states. BCKV has not specified the form of the said 'court fee' leaving me confused and deprived of my rights under RTI Act.
    I request you kindly to guide me about how to pay the required fees and in what form.

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    Dear member,
    In Tamilnadu the person who is requesting for information through RTI ACT can affix a court fee stamp for Rs.10 on the application. That is accepted as payment of the fee. This may be applicable in your state also. Why dont you try ?
    Best wishes.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Fees - How to pay and in what form?


    The RTI Act is common to the Centre, States, UT's, Courts, Legislatures.

    However, each of these are allowed to frame rules for the operational part of the RTI Act. Therefore Rules do differ from state to state.

    An applicant has to apply as per the Rules applicable to the Public Authority to which he is applying.

    In West Bengal, the application fee of Rs 10.00 has to be paid by way of Court Fee stamp only.

    Attached is a copy of the West Bengal RTI Rules. Please check locally if there have been any further amendment in these rules.

    (I think there is a problem with the server while uploading. I will upload later as soon as the situation returns back to normal)
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    NK Agarwal
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    Re: Fees - How to pay and in what form?

    I think, it is advisable for the applicants to check the provisions of RTI rules particularly in case of States before filing applications, this would save time.
    For operational purposes the States are allowed to frame their own RTI rules but at least the fee rules should remain inconformity to centre and be made convenient as much as possible - perhaps till centre issues guidelines on this to States, the issue would remain as it is. Many in the public service want to block implementation of RTI Act-2005 due to feudal mindset. RTI is just started - certainly amendments in act would follow sooner or latter.

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    As per original WB RTI Rules court fee stamp was the only accepted mode of payment. So the PIO has rightly rejected the application. But interestingly, the Rules have been amended very recently to include IPO as an acceptable mode of payment. So now if you file the same application once again along with the IPO it will be valid this time. Fill in your details in the IPO and leave the "To" column blank for the PIO to fill in.
    For details please see
    Since the amendment took place only recently it would be better to mention in your application that your mode of payment is according to the amended Rules and attach a printout of the amendment.


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