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Thread: SBI cards and RTI

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    SBI cards and RTI

    State Bank of India Cards
    SCO 110-111 second floor sector 34 A
    Dear Madam,

    I am to state that I had applied for State Bank of India Credit card on 12 January 2008 vide application No 1101261000005. I telephoned SBI toll free No 180018001290 in regard to the status of my application and I was told that my application has been rejected on 20 February 2008 .
    The rejection of the application put me to great shock and disappointment, my financial creditability had come to stake. Therefore I sent an email to SBI cards dated February 28, 2008 to know the reason for the rejection.
    But in their reply to me I was informed that SBI decision of not accepting my proposal for issuance of card is a business decision. and that their business decision was taken in good faith and they reserve their right to enter or not to enter into a business relationship with any person and any decision in this regard, being prerogative of the Bank and does not call for any explanation. They instructed me to write an email to
    AVP, Customer
    Credit Cards Section
    but I got a similar reply from there. I am to state that SBI is a public sector Organisation and I am also working in a public sector organisation. SBI cards does not issue cards in good faith and every decision has a solid reasoning. I am not satisfied with their reply and would like to know the reason for rejection of my application. I want to know if my application has been rejected on the grounds that I am listed as a defaulter in the list of CREDIT INFORMATION BUREAU which bank has posted me as defaulter if SBI has taken decision based on their report they being member of CIBIL can provide me the copy of the report or the information as to which member bank has posted me as defaulter.

    The bank should inform me the reason of rejection of my application.
    I am enclosing bankers cheque No 667956 dated: 14.03.2008 of State Bank of SBI cards is not responding to my RTI application sent by registered post on 15th March 2008 although one month has elapsed please tell me whom to approach. Please advise whom to approach

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  2. Re: SBI cards and RTI

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    Re: SBI cards and RTI

    Hello harshtiwari,
    1. Regarding RTI wrt SBI CARDS
      AS matter stands now, SBI Card is evading to come under the RTI Act. The case is still subjudice with Delhi High Court (AFAIK)
      See the following thread on this subject.
      So it's futile to force RTI on them.
    2. Regarding Rejection of ur CREDIT CARD Application
      As regard to rejection of your credit card application, the card company has the rights to reject or accept it.
      You may not force it on them.
      But they have to give reasons of rejections as per RBI Guidelines.
      Have a look at the following notification issued by RBI.

      So if you are not satisfied with their explanation lodge a complain with the Banking Ombudsman.

      I cannot ellaborate more on these since it's beyond the scope of this Site.

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    Ravindranath Mopparthy
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    SBI denying credit card

    I registered in this forum for asking a specific question. The details are given as here below:

    - This is regarding credit card application.
    - 4 to 5 months ago, I applied for SBI credit card, due to the aggressive campaign of the concerned bank's agents.
    - Then after about 15 days, I received an SMS from the bank's CC division that my application was rejected. No information was provided for the reason behind this.
    - I sent formal complaint mails to their customer care division asking them to provide me with the reason. I only got stereotyped replies citing their policy restrictions and blah blah blah. After sometime they stopped responding to my queries altogether.
    - Later very recently about a week ago, I again got a call from a lady, belonging to SBI customer care, wherein she told me that my salary was high, and that I was eligible for a higher type of card than they original wanted to give me. So, she requested me to give my latest pay slip and id card details. After some misunderstandings and clarificational debates, I relented and provided them.

    - Unfortunately, I again received a similar SMS message today, stating that my application is rejected.

    Now, I want to apply under RTI to know the exact reason behind this rejection.

    By searching the internet, i got a format for the RTI application, but no clue where or how to submit it.

    Please tell me,
    1. WHERE should I submit my application form, if I want to do it online?
    2. WHERE should I submit, if manual?
    3. Any other additional guidance, is highly appreciated.

    warm regards,

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    Ravindranath Mopparthy
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    Re: SBI denying credit card


    Can anyone help me where and whom to submit my RTI application?

    thanks and regards,

  6. Re: SBI denying credit card

    Credit card business of SBI is with its subsidiary SBI CARD []. You may submit RTI application with CPIO of SBI CARD and seek "reasons held on record for rejecting my application for credit card dated ______ ". Please refer:

    Make effective:

    Central Govt application:

    Locate PIO:

    CIC had held that SBI card is under RTI, but Delhi High Court has stayed this decision in 2007. If stay is still in operation, you will not get details.
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    C J Karira
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    Re: State Bank of India cards under RTI net

    Attached is a very strange order of the CIC.

    Although the CIC did not go into the details of declaring SBI Credi Cards as a publioc authority, it nevertheless asked the respondent to provide the information sought !

    Wonder if CIC can pass such an order.
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