As reported by PTI on on 27 April 2008:
No info on investigation in pending tax assessment case: CIC- Tax News-Tax Savers-Personal Finance-The Economic Times

No info on investigation in pending tax assessment case: CIC

NEW DELHI: The Central Information Commission has held that the details pertaining to an ongoing probe into a tax assessment case cannot be revealed under the RTI Act.

"A tax proceeding is an investigation into the tax compliance of an assessee and as such should be allowed to remain confidential till such proceedings are complete," Information Commissioner A N Tiwari said.

Rejecting a plea of Mumbai-resident P R Shenai for information on status of investigation in a tax-evasion case, Tiwari said any premature disclosure of information may can impede the proceedings and jeopardise the tax revenue of the state.

"Disclosure of information related to such investigation at any stage would expose officers to undue and avoidable pressure, such disclosure should be construed to impede the process of investigation," the Information Commissioner said, referring to an earlier decision of the CIC.

The Income Tax authorities, in response to an appeal filed by Shenai against their decision, said that any revelation of information about the on-going tax proceedings could impair the process.

"Assessment of tax matters is not a one-shot affair but involves a process which bears all the characteristics of an investigation," the department said.