Mumbai Police owes Rs 37 crore to BEST
By Ravi Tiwari in NDTV Friday, May 2, 2008 (Mumbai)

A Right to Information (RTI) application filed in Mumbai has revealed that the police department owes Rs 37 crore in unpaid bills.

The offices of the commissioner of Mumbai Police and the state Director General of Police have not paid their electricity bills for the last five years.
However, these are not the only culprits, also guilty of unpaid bills are almost all police stations, offices of the assistant commissioners and deputy commissioners as well.

''If this happened with the common man, they would have cut off supplies,'' says Chetan Kothari, an RTI activist.
Among the different offices that owe BEST money are police stations in South Mumbai that have to pay over Rs 27 crore, while the police hospital, the commissioner's office and the Director General's Office are the other defaulters.
Here is a list of the dues pending on different offices:

South Mumbai - Rs 27,55,95,809
South Central Mumbai - Rs 10,30,23,754
Police Hospital - Rs 14,91,507
Commissioner's Office - Rs 5,30,526
Director General's Office - Rs 4,35,958

''This is a government department and people will be inconvenienced. The state is still considering this,'' says Uttam Khobragade, general manger, BEST.

The questions remain as to how did these departments get away without paying bills for five years, and why is there no action against them.