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Thread: RTI & the truth about Netaji's fate

  1. Any updates Anuj

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Anuj Dhar View Post
    please read My friends and I have been trying trying to access information available with the PMO, MHA, MEA and even R&AW.

    Since mission Netaji are trying to get info on his death. Your group must have some info regarding his link with "bandemataram" group in Philippines when he was in Singapore.

    Does any of you have any info in this? 'Cause the president of Bandemataram in Philippine was Mr. Mahan Singh Gahunia who whole hearthedly supported Netaji monetarily and supplied of mosquito nets in Singapore from Philippines In 1942.


  3. Dear KSG123

    I am afraid, I am not aware of this instance, though it is well-known that several NRIs helped Bose at that time. Then there is the scandal of the INA treasure & money. Japanese media would carry stories on this in 1950s.

  4. At one time maybe a dacade ago, the surviving member of S. Chandra Bose was being interviewed on T.V. have said about the supports they got from Indians in Philippines. as per records of Bandemataram group in P.I. in 1942, a delagation cross the sea to reach singapore and interacted with the INA.

    If you ever come accross of an info noted diary relating to the year 1942 or before. I shall be thankful. The president of the Bandematam at that time was my father. In 1945 liberation, the americans arrested him thinking there was collaboration with the Japan. Eventually after 6 months in Jail. The president M.L. Quezon of Philippines wrote a letter to the Americans that this Indian people in Philippines were peaceful people and had not collarorated with Japan. their aim was to help liberate India by supporting INA from the strong hold of Britain.

  5. this is interesting. Would you like to write about it in details? It can be carried on Mission Netaji site.

  6. I recently heard another News article
    Anuj, you need to update us.

  7. Thanx for asking. Kindly follow this link to get our side of the story:

    In brief, we came across a note from a classified PMO file saying that Subhas Bose's ashes were received by India's External Affairs Minister in 1954. Pandit Nehru, as we all know, was the EAM throughout.

    So, we (Mission Netaji) approached the PMO and MEA with the note and asked them to explain it. The point is, if Bose's ashes were brought to India, as the note says, what on earth is lying in Renkoji temple and why was this not conveyed to the people of India and the Bose family?

    What we got in the end was very strange. While the govt did not say that this note was fake or anything like that, they kept on harping that the ashes are lying in Japan -- something that we never asked. We categorically asked them about this note (see it on the site). It was like our asking where Jaipur was, and their responding that Shimla was in Himachal.

    Unfortunately, the media isn't able to understand this little thing that Govt is side stepping the questions that were posed. Because there is something fishy for sure. PMO files don't lie. If they have done so in this case, there is something terribly wrong here.

    The MEA answer came very late to us. I have already reported the matter to CIC. CIC will hear another case of ours on the 26th. It is about MHA not giving us some records pertaining to Bose's death. It is a some kind of joke really. While most enlightened folks around feel, without knowing the ABCD of the case, that it is dead issue and all that nonsense, the govt is refusing to hand over papers saying it will lead to spoiling India's relations with foreign nation and all that stuff.

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    Re: RTI & the truth about Netaji's fate

    Netaji’s death mystery may get unveiled
    Sunday, 11.11.2007, 10:36pm (GMT-7)

    India Post News Service

    NEW DELHI: Mission Netaji, an organization seeking truth behind Subhas Chandra Bose’ death and resurrection mystery has finally extracted a landmark judgement. The Cental Information Commission (CIC) has recommended the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to unveil secret and controversial documents related to Bose’s reported death. Sayantan Gupta of Mission Netaji had requested the MHA for copies of all the documents exhibited before Shah Nawaz Committee (1956) and GD Khosla Commission(1970-74)- the first two official panels that probed Subhas’s death. Both the commissions had concluded that Netaji died in a plane crash in August 1945.

    A conclusion trashed by the latest report by Justice M.K. Khosla Commission (2005). Anuj Dhar, the author of Back from Death: Inside the Subhas Bose Mystery explains that it was for the sake of transparency that Mission Netaji sought the exhibits under RTI, which the panels preceding Justice Mukherjee, refused to provide.

    The documents were kept away from the public eye for about four decades. Until July this year when, Mission Netaji had them released under the Right to Information. The MHA’s argument was: "The documents sought under the RTI Act are voluminous (70,000 pages) and top secret in nature and may lead to chaos in the country if disclosed." Ultimately a CIC decision has altered the assessment.

    Officials said that the Shivraj Patil led Home Ministry had come around the view that there was no fear of law and order problem if the secret papers are revealed. Earlier there were concerns that people may read parts of the communication out of context, which could result in a controversy with political overtones. Interestingly, Anuj has all along questioned the official plane crash version, which he says is untrue. "I had obtained information from the Taiwan Government in 2003 that no plane carrying Netaji had ever crashed there," informs the author.

    "We wanted to better our understanding about the conclusion drawn by these panels since the Government held their findings true even after receiving the latest report of Justice MK Mukherjee, a top criminal law expert and former judge of the Supreme Court of India," affirms Dhar. Talking about behind the scene, Anuj says that Shah Nawaz Khan, one time INA man, was a Congress party MP when Prime Minister Nehru appointed him the chairman of Netaji Inquiry Committee in 1956. He was made a minister after he gave the report.

    High Court judge GD Khosla, a friend of Nehru’s, authored a eulogistic book on Prime Minister Indira Gandhi while he disposed off the Bose death probe in 1970s. It was alleged that both these panels worked along a premeditated, government-backed line that Subhas Bose had died in a plane crash in Taipei in 1945 and was cremated there as well. It is not shocking that the Nehru and Indira governments readily accepted the reports of Shah Nawaz Khan and GD Khosla, ruling out the charges of foul play leveled against them.

    However the Manmohan government arbitrarily dismissed the Mukherjee Commission which was set up after a scathing court order and not due to any whim of the NDA government. This one mentioned that the plane crash was a camouflage created by the Japanese military to help Subhas Bose escape to the Soviet Russia.

    The case was put forward to the CIC on 29 July 2006 and thereafter three hearings were held. In the first hearing, Information Commissioner AN Tiwari was not able to understand the matter and asked us to seek specific documents as MHA officials denied knowledge of any exhibits used by previous panels. After about one year and loads of coaxing, on March 26, the MHA officials turned up with a secret letter from the Home Secretary that the papers cannot be declassified because it will cause trouble in the country, specially in Bengal (a joke considering that most Bengalis are communists, who hated Bose ).

    I n d i a P o s t . c o m - Netaji’s death mystery may get unveiled

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