Now, BRT faces RTI bump
As reported by Rakesh Sood in Financial Express May 03, 2008

New Delhi, May 2 The controversial Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor project has now been challenged under the Right to Information Act (RTI).
Under the RTI Act 2004, the home ministry has been questioned which are the agencies and departments and officials responsible for clearing the project.

It has also been asked what is the basis on which the project has been termed a public welfare activity while thousand of commuters have been facing difficulties due to this project in the Capital.

One Debashish Bhattacharya, a resident of Baba Kharag Singh Marg in central Delhi has filed a writ petition in this regard. The RTI, filed on April 24, has asked eight questions:

Who is responsible for giving a go-ahead, the departments and the experts who advised implementation of the foreign concept without considering Indian conditions?

What is the estimated cost of the corridor? How much payments has already been made to contractors?, is the project had any political pressure?

Besides, the writ has also asked if the project fails, who will be held responsible and how the people’s money spent on it will be recovered?
Bhattcharya has also written what are the basis on which the project has been described as a public welfare activity.

He has requested to fix the responsibility and accountability of the officials who gave green signal to the project and are implementing it.

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