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Thread: Passport Renewal Query

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    Passport Renewal Query

    Hi all,
    This is my post in this forum.Kindly guide me.
    1.I have a passport issued for short duration ( 5 years) which was valid till march 2008.
    2.Now I want to get it extended to full duration.I went thru the passport website.
    I am confused between two things
    a) Whether I should apply for fresh passport as my passport is invalid from march 2008?
    b) Whether I should apply for passport renewal?
    Normally a passport is re-issued if its 10 yrs duration has expired ( but in my case duration is 5 yrs and website specifically talks for 10 yr passport)

    for b) option Passport renewal is done for extending short duration but i am confused as my passport has expired also.

    I checked the site many times but it has instructions specific to fresh or re-issue only not for renewing.. also the form for applying to renewing is different from re-issue/fresh.

    I mailed at the email mentioned and also to
    Appellate Authority
    Sh. R. Swaminathan,
    Joint Secretary (CPV) & Chief Passport Officer,
    E-mail :
    Central Public Information Officer
    Sh. R.N. Kajla,
    E-mail :

    I did not get any reply for my e mail.Also i went to DPO but there was just 1 window and 100 persons in queue and my turn did not come as office was closed by 1 pm..I called at there tele-enquiring service but it tells only about fresh passport..Also I went to SPeed Post office but they were just accepting forms for fresh passport and have no knowledge of renewing

    Kindly guide me that can I use RTI to get my query solved.

    I can ask in my query that why was I issued a short duration passport(though i had paid full fee of rs 1000) and should i apply for re-issue/renew and what are the specific instructions/attachments required.

    Kindly guide...

    Thanks & regards


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    C J Karira
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    Re: Passport Renewal Query


    I do not think RTI can help you in this case.

    Since your passport expired in March 2008, you have to apply for a new passport or a reissue.

    In case you go for a reissue, then make sure that your particulars given in the expired passport are still the same as at present. If not (like address change, addition of spouse name, etc), then only choice is a new passport.

    Of course, it is necessary to attach your old passport to the new passport / reissue application.

  3. Re: Passport Renewal Query

    Ashish You have already posted your query at the right place at Big Helpers and I have replied to you too:

    Closing the thread here.


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