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Thread: Information from the British PMO

  1. Information from the British PMO

    The right to information route to get to the truth about Netaji's disappearance is proving to be an uphill task -- both in India and outside. For a start, Mission Netaji's attempts to seek information from the British Government under that country's Freedom of Information Act have failed to yield anything.

    Please follow the link to see details, including the letter from Howell James, Permanent Secretary, Government Communication, British Govt.\page\foia_uk.html

  2. I read the like however the link was broken. The correct link is :::MISSION NETAJI::: No information on fate of Subhas Bose: Great Britain

    As I can understand, there is reference of National Archives in the FOI reply, have you got anything from there?

  3. Thanx Kushal

    The National Archives in London has a few stray reports. Our Govt has all of them and much more. The only important thing in London is a report (declassified in 1980s) obtained from Taiwan in 1956 by the British High Commission in Delhi at the behest of our foreign ministry. Since this report did not prove Bose's death, the Nehru govt hid it. It was not even shown to Mukherjee Commission, but Justice Mukherjee located it in National Archive.

    The govt strategy before the commission was to show those papers which showed that Bose had died, and hid those which didnt. So far as my understanding goes, the bulk of explosive papers are kept by the intelligence agencies -- R&AW, MI, and IB in our case and MI5 and MI6 in UK's case. And these agencies dont come under the preview of any law.

    You might want to see this.



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