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Thread: Copy Of CAT judgment

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    Copy Of CAT judgment

    sir . in the year 1987 there was a central administrative tribunals judgment regarding one perticular case. I have got copy of that judgment . but the copy is very faint and many of its wordings are not readable . i want to get a certified copy of that judgment from CAT jabalpur bench . plz help me by telling me the name and address of CPIO of CAT jabalpur or plz tell me from where i can get copy online.


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    Re: Copy Of CAT judgment

    Central Administrative Tribunal
    CARAV Complex
    15,civil Lines
    Jabalpur 482001

    You can certainly address to ; Central Administrative Tribunal
    (Kind Attn. CPIO please )

    This should reach and very much acceptable. I cant find CPIO separately.

    Site is:


    I hope it suffices your purpose.
    Also when you go to the said site,see under judgement,case,date etc.You may get a copy,if you are lucky.

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    Re: Copy Of CAT judgment

    Sorry , site only caters for cases commencing year you cannot get your case of 1987 online.

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    Re: Copy Of CAT judgment

    op sharma sir . if copy is not available onlin no problem . but can i get the copy from CAT Jabalpur?

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    Re: Copy Of CAT judgment

    yes definitely you can get a certified copy .

    Even if you are not a party, you can apply as a third party,since the case is of 1987,it is known as a public document. Some one will have to physically fill a form, at CAT Jabalpur, for a certified copy. Give exact case name, case number , case date ,etc. all details correctly. Nominal charges are levied for form as well as certified documents.It takes approx. 7-14 days to get a certified copy. Address of the CAT is given above.Good luck.

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    Re: Copy Of CAT judgment

    opsharma ji . cant i get copy through RTI? throughtRTI application instead of physically filling any form by going to jabalpur?

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    Re: Copy Of CAT judgment

    You probably could, our RTI experts will guide you on that.I personally use RTI sparingly and as a last resort.

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    Copy of CAT Judgment

    Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT),
    61/35 Copernicus Marg,
    New Delhi - 110 001,INDIA

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I need the a judgement copy of "Allahabad CAT.NO. DA/1383.. Date.31/12/1992"

    Thankes & Regards,

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