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Thread: Position Open for RTI India Documenter and New Guide Segment at RTI India

  1. Position Open for RTI India Documenter and New Guide Segment at RTI India

    RTI India website has matured with the Act itself and we have realised that the time has come for us to expand. With enormous amount of queries and discussions we had at forums in respect of Right to Information, our team had gathered enough understanding to see what is that you are looking for when you visit us at RTI India and how should you be advised. Forum tend to be the best place for discussions and brain storming, but they tend to become 'Big' with time and searching for specific information by a New Member becomes difficult.

    We already had FAQ segment at RTI India, but unfortunately it never served it's purpose. The main reason being it's poor visibility, it's design and redundancy of information. They were created during the time when the RTI Act and RTI India website were in nascent stage. With evolution, many things presumed in theory got it's way practically, and FAQ needed to reflect that. However, changing them now is an herculean task involving code changes with every entry. We have decided that the time has come for the better managed and effective FAQ Section.

    So here we are proud to present to our members 'RTI India Guide', the complete dynamic article and FAQ segment. The 'RTI India Guide' will cater to all the common questions regarding Right to Information, and articles submitted by our dedicated Documenters.

    Kindly visit the 'Guide' here!

    We are also excited to announce new Position opening at RTI India website; the 'RTI India Documenter', the team would be led by Ganpat & Karira. We define RTI India Documenter as
    RTI India Documenter (RTID) are dedicated writers who uses creativity and professionalism in documenting and compiling information regarding Right to Information at RTI India Guide Segment.

    We are looking for Members with Strong Desire to Document every articles, do the proof reading, organise and manage all the articles at the 'Guide' Segment of the RTI India website. They would be responsible for creating, Moderating, and organising the 'Guide' Segment. 'RTI India Documenter' would have full access to the 'Guide' Segment, the details of which can be read here!

    The methodology to join as RTI India Documenter is simple:

    1. Read the terms and Conditions for becoming RTI India Documenter here!
    2. You visit User Control Panel
    3. You click on 'Group Membership'
    4. Join the RTI India Documenter Usergroup, and fill-in the reason for joining.
    5. The Group Leaders reviews and approves your join request.

    You can un-join the 'RTI India Documenter Usergroup' anytime by visiting 'Group Membership' page through your User Control Panel.

    Use this thread for discussion about this announcement!


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