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    where can i complain about my passpost under thi Right to information act , i am realy pissed off with passport officials

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    Re: passprt

    hello Vaishnavi ,welcome to the community.Please go through Forum Rules and RTI Guide ,to start with.
    As for your query ,please cool down and be more restrained in use of language because civility and politeness are prerequisites of this portal.

    We will render all assistance to solve your passport problem.Please do give sequence of events/actions (in correct details) leading to whatever problem you are facing.

    Thanks and please do post your problem.

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    Re: passprt

    ya my apologies for my language as i myself would not at all willing to use any harsh word to any one ..


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    Re: passprt

    Please do give total details of your case and experts will render all the help. Thanks.

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    Re: passprt

    Ok ..thanks ..
    I applied for my passport from lucknow as i am a resident of kanpur in september 2007
    but when enquiry happened unfortunately i was not there since i joined here in Gurgaon for my job so i requested them to transfer it to Delhi and after long series of my efforts i got a letter from Lucknow office stating very clearly that the file has been transfered to delhi passport office in march , but i checked it here online , it says no such file is at Delhi office , since then i am requesting both lucknow and delhi ofiices to let me know where my file is exactly as i am realy worried about it and no progress has happened so far , no status available .
    here are the details for your referance .
    Name- Vaishnavi Shukla
    File number - ******
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    May I request you to kindly refrain from posting personal information. I have deleted your file number information.

    Thank YoU!

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    C J Karira
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    Re: passprt


    You need to file a RTI Application with the New Delhi RPO enclosing the letter you received from the Lucknow RPO.

    Just search for "passport" and you will get many threads with similar issues, sample applications, etc. You can then make your RTI Application based on the details in those threads.

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    Re: passprt

    thanks mr. Kushal , i dint knowthat ..nywas thanks for helping and editing my information
    have a pleasant day ahead

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