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Thread: How i can use RTI

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    How i can use RTI

    Dear All,

    Trust things are fine at yours end.

    This is me Abul Faiz Khan who was the highest mark obtainer in MBA curriculam of 2003-05 form V B S Purvanchal university.

    Due to this only myself deserving for the Gold Medal, but instead of me the administration has named someone else for this prestigious medal.

    When i interfear in this then all of sudden the withdraw the name that person from the list but they never add my name for this. Anyway i had left that ceremony and asked to the designated authority for this blunder, but the replied very stereotype and diplomatic answer.

    I asked to admin department for this but they said we don't have any intimation for this, i dropped coupple of letter to registrar and Vice chancellor but could not get any satisfactory answer.

    So now, i just want to know who was the resposible for that and why they are not taking me serious.
    Can i claim something for that? now i m working with a MNC and i could not visit the University place on regular basis.

    So just let me know how i can use RTI and file case against the University.

    Looking forward from all of you.

    Thanks and Regards
    Abul Faiz Khan
    Behind Atala Mosque
    Rizvi Khan

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    Mr. Khan
    I am confident that RTI will help you out.
    Ask for following information.
    1) Name and percentage secured of the student who have been awarded gold medal for the MBA curriculam of 2003-05 form V B S Purvanchal university.
    2) What is bench marking for honouring good medal to student.

    This are just suggestion..
    Dont lose hope but make it point to fight for your right.

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    Re: How i can use RTI

    Haa bhai,
    I am fine hope You don't need a Gold Medal. You are in born great and dont need a justification from university.....enjoy man yooo yooo...
    bye and take care

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    Re: How i can use RTI

    Mr Maneesh Singh ,the member abul Faiz Khan has put up a query seeking genuine assistance to obtain certain information wrt his academic standing and award of Gold Medal ,which in his perception he should have got.
    Therefore you are requested to desist from making mockery of his query ,if you are not in a position to guide/help. And ,please go through Forum Rules.
    Thank you.

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    Re: How i can use RTI

    RTI will help you just to get the information about the rules and procedures followed in awarding gold medal and also to whom it was awarded in a particular year, how many marks he obtained etc. But it may not go beyond that. If you want to file a case, you may have to approach the civil court consulting a lawyer. Ofcourse you can use for the case, the info you obtained through RTI. For that purpose you may also seek one more info in addition to the suggestions given by our friend nile0611 - details of persons who got more marks than the candidate who was awarded the gold medal and the reason for not giving them gold medal.

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    Re: How i can use RTI

    Abul Faiz Khan, Purpose of RTI is to facilitate information to the seeker. In your case,as rightly given in posts 2 and 5 above , you can get informtion and inspect relevant files wrt :
    1. Laid down Rules and regulations for selection of a candidate for Gold Medal.
    2.List of students shortlisted for the year 2005.
    3. %age marks obtained by shortlisted candidates.
    4.List of officials involved for selection process for awarding Gold Medal to MBA candidates ,as approved by competant authority .
    5. List of officials/personnel actually present and participated in selection process of Gold Medal candidate for MBA Batch 2002-2005.
    6. Name of person selected for award of Gold Medal ,and %age marks obtained by him each year during the MBA course 2002-2005.
    7. Approved and certified Minutes of the meeting of the said Gold Medal award process discussions.
    And so on you can go on.
    As per your post above,award was cancelled and not awarded to anyone on your objecting.
    Now ,you have to decide what do you want? Information ,as available with autorities in files,you can get, answers to why,you cannot.

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    Re: How i can use RTI

    hope you got the rti and medal also..good luck bro


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