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Thread: help needed for second appeal

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    help needed for second appeal

    all sirs. i ahve made many applications through RTI and have few first appeals but i have never made a second appeal . experts are requested to guid me plz . My initial appeal dated 01/03/2008 was not replied. I made first appeal on 10/04/2008 . on 21/04/08 i got reply from FAA that CPIO has been directed to give the required informtion within 10 days. in bottom note CPIO was addressed by FAA to give the reqd. information to applicant within 10 days from this day ie 21/04/2008.
    today is 06/05/2008 but i have not recieved any information . The information i asked is not large but of few pages, the information is simple I mean it is not regarding any confidential matter. kindly draft a second appeal for me please.


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    Re: help needed for second appeal

    You are lucky in the sense that you have received favourable order from FAA. Generally FAAs suppport their PIO/APIOs blindly.

    So don't waste this opportunity.

    Don't go for a 2nd appeal so quickly. You have 90 days with you..
    Use this time to your advantage.
    Hammer the PIO with the order of FAA.

    Ask all sorts of inconvenient Questions to the PIO and FAA.

    1. File another RTI asking him to inform you what action he has taken on the order of the FAA?
    2. Ask the PIO to supply a daily progress report made on the order of the FAA.
    3. Write to the FAA a saying that his order is not obeyed by his subordinate officer.So what action he will take against the erring PIO?
    4. Ask for departmental procedures for insubordination?
    5. Ask for file inspection on how the FAA's order is being implemented?
    For 2nd Appeal format open this link. JPS50 has given us an excellent format to start with.<WBR>/blogs/jps50/16-second-appeal<WBR>-complaint-cic-guidelines.html

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