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Thread: Top Priority -population Control

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    Though we have grown in resources, technology, economically post independence but the benefits are not percolated downwards due to rise in population, What steps India should take so as to provide a better life for our next generation.

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    Re: Top Priority -population Control

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    Re: Top Priority -population Control

    No. I think top priority is setting up system of JUSTICE in india . Our judiciary system is completly rotten. To settle a case if this system needs ten to fifteen years then this systen must be thrown in gutters. I think top priority is setting system of polie in right path . criminals are friendly with police and honest people are afraid of police .the complete police department should be thrown int gutter .Top priority should be implementation of minimum wages act . still our labours are being paid a meager of Rs.60 per day as against wages of Rs. 175 per day as per minimum wages act.. the contractors are minting money on hard work of these poor of the poorest people who can not even eat a ful meals ??? Gandhi was a naked fakir . todays MP's are crorepatis
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    I appreciate your concerns on all the issues raised regarding Judiciary,Minimum wage acts, corrupt police etc.
    May like to put forth my point as I still believe very strongly that Population is the Top most priortiy because with the present rate of increase in population niether the judiciary will never be in a position to tackle the cases for speedy and fair justice. Further, if the population is controlled we may be in a position to provide amenities and enough facilty to provide requiste education to all which itself shall serve the purpose.
    People once know their rights by education shall be in abetter position to tacke the menance.


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    Re: Top Priority -population Control

    Still not convinced. curruption has nothing to do with increase in population . it is related to ones upbringing. poverty too has nothing to do with curruption because most rich and famouse are more currupt.dead judiciary is mother of all curruption .If the currupt people do not get punished , they become more and more currupt.Why most of Govt. employees are currupt??? are they poor ?? because of population ??? no no no . they are currupt only because they do not get punished for their curruption.The only way to get rid of this curruption is to set up a judiciary system where each and every currupt person is punished.What your judiciary system do when a poor labour gets only Rs.60/- instead of Rs.175/- per day as per minimum wages act?????
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    I am inclined to agree with poonam. I think our judicial system is almost not working. It is wrong to say that they are overloaded. Rather, it is 'overloaded' because it is not working. Advocates have vested interest in delaying the judgement day and courts are ever ready to oblige.

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    Re: Top Priority -population Control

    Chowdhary sir you are very correct . If you are asked to carry a 10 kg bag on your head daily ,it is not at all difficult . if you do not do it daily , after say ten days you will require to carry ten bags of 10 kg each on your head i.e total of 100 kgs which is very very dificult. after another ten days you will have to carry 200kgs which is almost impossible . if you missed next ten days also , will yoi be able to carry 300kg on your head???AT THIS POINT YOU WILL SHOUT I AM OVER BURDENED.
    is this because of population ??? no no no . this is because of your neglegence and inefficient duty.
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    Re: Top Priority -population Control

    what does this have to do with RTI?

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