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Thread: uneccessary delay been extended by Passort Office, Ghaziabad

  1. My mother took the appointment for filing her passport application from Passport's website and was scheduled to appear in PO, Ghaziabad on 17/04/2008 at 11:30 AM vide their application no. GZBI00354108. But she was not allowed to enter the office by the security.

    In continuation to their above act I send them a FAX on the same day, i.e. 17/04/2008, stating that my mother is not being allowed to enter the PO. But no response was extended by the PO and my mother had to return back without her application being entertained.

    Again on 24/04/2008 my mother managed to file her application in person at PO, Ghaziabad. The application was supported by the verification certificate of a Group Captain, AF. She attached a DD of Rs. 2,000/- with the application, but she was compelled to deposit a cash of Rs. 2,500/- as the tatkal fees.

    On PO's website it was been displayed that the passport was ready on 29/04/2008. But they didn't send the passport till date.

    Again on 01/05/2008 we send a FAX to PO, Ghaziabad asking the reason for detaining the passport which went unreplied. The copy of the fax is attached herewith.

    On 03/05/2008 we asked them some information under RTI 2005. The copy is attached herewith.

    Please guide what to do next ?

    Also on 24/04/2008 she was allotted a new file no. by PO, Ghaziabad

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    Re: uneccessary delay been extended by Passort Office, Ghaziabad

    Abhishek, You have already filed an RTI application,and the CPIO is obliged to supply the information within thirty days of the receipt of request.
    Even though there is no format given for RTI Application in the Act ,its advisable to use a format which is easily comprehensible,gives all required details and has been used time and again successfully. Please go through FAQ section(top green second from left),it almost gives everything you need to know about RTI including Application format,then go through RTI Guide (top right in blue and last) and most important of all go through Forum-support-ask for RTI query/ask for framing an RTI question-Passport thread.
    Thanks,good luck.
    PS:- More often than not ,if your name is listed on the website as having been issued/ready,you should get it.
    Please dont hesitate to ask freely , any RTI related queries,we do have brilliant ever-helpful expertise.

  3. Re: uneccessary delay been extended by Passort Office, Ghaziabad

    shokingly they have served my mother a sort of notice demanding explanation on pervious passport (which she had never hold)

    but they have not replied for the rti application

  4. Re: uneccessary delay been extended by Passort Office, Ghaziabad

    however i have filled a second rti application as attached
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    Re: uneccessary delay been extended by Passort Office, Ghaziabad

    Please avoid names,instead you may write officer/official concerned/the said officer etc.
    Please give your tel. contact no and email on top.Substitute avail me with,kindly provide me. Suggest make it more brief and to the point.
    Mr Karira may comment/add/correct pls.

  6. Re: uneccessary delay been extended by Passort Office, Ghaziabad

    1st RTI application was made on 03/05/2008.

    After that they did not respond for the RTI application instead they marked a letter dt. 19/05/2008 (sort of notice) asking the details on previous passport (which actually has never been issued), which reached us on 27/05/2008.

    we made a 2nd RTI application on 28/05/2008.

    will it make any change in the stand of FAA or the CIC, as we had made our 2nd RTI application before 30 days of 1st RTI application ?

    what all points should i keep in view while filing my first appeal. when should i file my first appeal. should i file diffferent first appeals for both the RTI applications or should I club them both and file a single first appeal. (As i dont feel that they will respond for my RTI applications)

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    Re: uneccessary delay been extended by Passort Office, Ghaziabad

    At post 2 above , it was suggested you go through Guide section and various posts under Passport Tag. You will get basic answers. CPIO is obliged to inform an appellant within 30 days(35days in case application throughACPIO) from the date of receipt of application.Make first appeal to FAA within 30 days of receipt of reply/30 days from when the reply was due to you if you get no reply . FAA is obliged to reply you within 30 days from the date of receipt of your application(extendable to 45 days provided FAA informs appellant in writing).
    All this is there in what I requested you to go through.Basic aim was to facilitate you picking up knowledge for future dealings with confidence . Otherwise for all your queries this site is always open and available to assist .
    You can also download RTI Act2005 from:
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  8. Re: uneccessary delay been extended by Passort Office, Ghaziabad

    i am not being able to locate the FAQ section

    please paste the link

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