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Thread: CIC directs PIO to file case against Appellant

  1. Re: CIC directs PIO to file case against Appellant

    You should have refused to submit any such apology.

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    When I entered there,the honorable CIC was listening from a story by respondent's PIO.Immediately after I introduced myself the applicant,he asked the PIO "How many cases of departmental enquiry are pending against him?I immediately sensed some foul paly between the two,He further scolded me there is no need for any information be given to such persons like you who are misusing the RTI Act,basically meant for the poor,not like you who have committed misconduct.Then I thought I need to voice record the honourable CIC who was simply doing gross injustice.The assistant of CIC noticed that I was trying the audio recording.CIC who was preparing to deliver "decision" immediately ordered his subordinate to call the police.
    However,when the subordinate was making the phone call,he stopped him in the
    nick of time and ordered me that unless I file an apology I would have to face arrest.
    I wrote three or four lines that due to my ignorance of Rules,I tried to take voice recording of honourable CIC,and I am sorry for that.

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    Re: CIC directs PIO to file case against Appellant

    Need of National RTI Commission ?

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    Re: CIC directs PIO to file case against Appellant

    ,You said it. Non-existance of any uniform Rules procedure, direction, orders and lack of accountability of the SICs and CIC is the greatest set back. It is a pity that some of the SICs openluy disagree with the CICs orders. Unless all of them are controlled and their activitis coordinated within the same framework the CIC and SICs will continue to remain as a 'Kanshiram's Palton". The urgent need is establishment of "Information Commission of India" in the line of Election Commission of India.

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    Re: CIC directs PIO to file case against Appellant

    Quote Originally Posted by adil85 View Post
    Mr.kejriwal has undone the cause for which the RTIact was made.This is the rape of the law by its protector.He has shown favour to his old acquaintances and now he should be shown the door.He is not the last word in the dictionary of law or RTI act.He is a tainted person now.His comments are not error of judgement but wilfull violation of law and to slur its supremecy.I am under painful cmpulsion to send the print of the entire web page to the President of India for taking appropriate steps in to the matter with a prayer to institute inquiry against Mr.Kejriwal.All activists are requested to post as much as of their opinion and legal suggesstion so that the matter looks reasonable and provides cause of action to the President.We should pledge to uphold the supremecy of this law.I am in a state of shock to find that the person with such a denigrating IQ is working as IC and causing harm to the law which is the only people friendly law of India.If he can not live withis law ,let him make the way for other more talented ,energetic and judicious persons.I give a call to all the RTI lovers to thwart the subversive,malicious and veomous intent of not only Mr.kejriwal but ICs like him by bringing it within the knowledge of the president of India and PMO and after 1 month ask from those offices under RTI act the action taken on our complaint.people behaving like beasts must be traeated like beasts.They should either be caged our they should be sent to zoo so that they may not harm the society.Should the old persons like Mr. Kejriwal should not be subjected to psychological test to analyse his frustration for allowing him to continue in that job?adil
    In the above context, posting text of a reply given by an appellant to the N.G.O.Public Cause Research Foundation, Ghaziabad with regard to case No.CIC/AT/A/2008/00247 at my blog "SANJOG MAHESHWARI". In it the Appellant has a few contextual points for us to ponder and offer our considered opinion. SANJOG MAHESHWARI

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    Re: CIC directs PIO to file case against Appellant

    Dear Advocate Rajesh,

    Could you comment on Shri Shrigopal's narrative in post #34? I understand that recording devices are not permitted in courtrooms in some jurisdictions.

    Is this also the case in India? If so what law, rule or regulation is it specified in? Does it apply to tribunals like ICs? Is it merely a standing direction of a High or Supreme Court, liable to invite Contempt of Court charges if transgressed? Any light that you (or anyone else) can shed on this issue, would be appreciated.

    Dear Shri Shrigopal,
    ... due to my ignorance of Rules, ...
    Have you filed an RTI application asking for a (certified) copy of said rules?


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    You have brought a good point Someguy,I forgot it since the order I received from the Commission had no mention of the incident at all.
    F.No.CIC/AT/A/2008/01322 to 1328 Dated 11th February,2009
    The Honourable Commissioner indirectly invited attention of my employer to the observation that "the applicant was unusually emphatic about his submissions and his criticism of the public authority"...thus suggesting them to issue another charge sheet to me.

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    Re: CIC directs PIO to file case against Appellant

    This is why some public demanded that the ICs must never be from the Bureaucrates. Public is wise enough ;& know very well that the ICs & the PIOs both are brothers/ servants of govt,& therefore can never care the tortured citizens.
    Normally a Govt servant can never go against another govt servant .

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