Cong will counter Maya’s claims
As reported by AMITA VERMA NewsByte 09 May, 2008

Lucknow, May 9: To counter the chargesheet that the UP government is preparing to release on May 13 to "expose" the UPA government, the UP Congress is also coming up with a white paper that will "expose" the lies of the Mayawati regime.

The white paper that contains detailed information about the funds provided by the Congress-led UPA government to the Mayawati government will counter the claims of UP chief minister Mayawati that the Centre has been deliberately with-holding funds to discredit the state government.

The Mayawati government will complete its first year in office on May 13 and the chief minister has planned a major publicity campaign to highlight the achievements of her government. Along side, she also plans to expose the non-cooperative attitude of the Centre and blame the Congress for the slow development in various fronts.

"Our white paper will completely expose Mayawati’s claims. The Centre has given more than Rs 36,000 crores to the state but the Mayawati government has not been able to fully utilise the funds. The Central funding, this year, has been maximum compared to previous years and yet Ms Mayawati is cribbing about the Centre not giving enough money. We will be giving out all the details and it is for the people of the state to assess the truth," said a senior Congress leader. The Congress white paper will also contain facts and figures about the law and order situation in the state. Most of the information on this issue has been obtained through the Right to Information Act.

"We will also reveal how funds earmarked for various central schemes for the poor, including the national rural employment guarantee scheme, have not been allowed to percolate down to the beneficiaries," the party leader informed.

The Congress white paper, incidentally, will be released to the media by UPCC president Rita Bahuguna Joshi on May 13.
It may be recalled that Ms Mayawati has been repeatedly accusing the

Centre of not providing financial packages demanded by her, including a major one amounting to Rs 80,000 crores. She has been blaming the Centre for the non-availability of relief for the drought–affected
Bundelkhand region. The Congress had sought to counter Ms Mayawati’s accusations against the Centre by starting a "Hisaab Mango" campaign.