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Thread: RTI to building proposal committee of BMC

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    RTI to building proposal committee of BMC

    Thanks for welcoming me,
    I have a query regarding RTI...i am a secretary of a cooperative housing society and we havent received all the relevent documents from our developer.The entire complex is'nt done yet and there are other wings coming up. All we have received is
    * Partial Ocuupation Certificate as the whole complex isnt built yet...part of it is constructed
    * Society is formed and Registered

    But we havent really received any detailed plans yet for our building like
    * Plumbing plan
    * Electrical plan
    * Civil drawings
    *Drainage / sewer Plans
    * Conveyance Deed

    On asking the developer, he says he doesnt any of the above mentioned plans/ drawings as they are not mandatory!
    Also the builder has constructed another wing touching ours.....this wasnt in the plan he had presented. Also there isnt enough parking space for vehicles even for half the residents here. Green space in the original plans arent seen or exist.
    They have drilled a borehole below our structure, hence we requested for a structural auditors report for the effect it will have on our structure.
    So we were thinking of approaching the Brihanmumbai Muncipal Corporation, building proposal committee - using the RTI to get all the info needed. Are there any other documents which i should seek? like commencement certificate & completions certificate.....are they needed

    Seek your advice on this....How do i go about it? Are there any RTI activist in Mumbai you could link me to. If you could direct me as to the process of RTI ( coz self help would be best) and what sort of quetions should i frame?
    Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    ashish.tiwari Guest

    Re: RTI to building proposal committee of BMC

    Bumping this thread as I'm looking for similar information too. Can someone please create the template RTI application like PF, IT refund etc as there are lot of posts asking how to get the building proposal, communication to Builder, other documents.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: RTI to building proposal committee of BMC


    There are several versions spread over the forum - depending on teh situation each information seeker is facing and the information he/she wants to seek.

    Please refer to some of the threads in this search:

    building porposal - Google Search
    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    ashish.tiwari Guest

    Re: RTI to building proposal committee of BMC

    Continuing my original thread.


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