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Thread: Right to Rebuke/Reprimand

  1. Re: Right to Rebuke/Reprimand

    Quote Originally Posted by karira View Post
    How will it serve any purpose ?

    Although I am not a Public Authority as defined in the RTI Act 2005,
    but am still willing for this.

    As a budding Officer, are you ?
    i think you missed the wry sarcasm in the post!:rolleyes:

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    Re: Right to Rebuke/Reprimand

    YES POST 6 IS A WRY SARCASTIC PARODY and timely enough,seeing the euphoria around. By all means enjoy your newly found Rights but dont forget self restraints,civility and above all Responsibilities - a concept very difficult to self impose in an anarchic democracy where unbridled frenzy is a general rule rather than an exception.
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    Re: Right to Rebuke/Reprimand

    Amidst the new found FREEDOM and EUPHORIA, the info seekers shall always remain at the receiving end.
    Be it information(mis-information) from the PIO or reprimands/rebuke/Prosecutions from the FAA/CIC/SIC.

    Inside the FAA's hearing chamber it's the same old story. First Appeallates never rebuke/reprimand the PIOs as if following an un-written law. The biradari remains intact.

    It's the info seekers who have to bear the brunt and hear all the rebukes/reprimands etc. etc.
    As if the FAA's are getting cheap thrills at the expense of info seeker. So let them enjoy it as long as the show lasts.

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    Col NR Kurup (Retd)
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    Re: Right to Rebuke/Reprimand

    No Sidhardh. It is the spend forces in the guise of CIC/SICs are creating the obstacle in the growth of the Act. How many instances of an IAS officer awarding punishment to a guilty you have come across ? let it be the District Collector or the Chief Secretary . An official who could never punish a guilty when he was young and hearty just cannot punish a guilty when he is a spent force, mature, God feaiing or fearing Godf Myself being in Army for more than 30 years knows it well. I could punish a man freely when I was young. When I was 52 I thought twice before awarding a punishment. That is the reason we keep the Army young and officers in my time made to retire at 52. After 52 he loose the fire in him. This is exactly the fate of RTI. The old men at the helm of affairs just cannot punish a guilty. The baic Indian habit is that one fear his superior either he can do some good to him or harm him. When the CIC/SICs can do none of it why whould the PIOs bother ? Unless the PIOs start gtting punishment when they are found guilty, please do not expect much. Again, so long as the spent forces are at the helm of affairs don't expect them to punish a guilty.

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    Re: Right to Rebuke/Reprimand

    Hi Siddharth,never realised you were complaining type -joshing really. I completely agree with you , as for as conduct of some of these officials is concerned it is deplorable at times.But they are on a learning curve on a new job, best management rule to handle this type of top echlon is to be offensive but with very civilised and polite language. Make them unsure,confused and doubtful ,and I can vouch battle generally gets won.
    And mind you no AA dare get funny ,if you are competent and confident.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Right to Rebuke/Reprimand

    Quote Originally Posted by chanda_s View Post
    i think you missed the wry sarcasm in the post!:rolleyes:
    No, I did not.

    sagginyou and myself, have been having running battles about RTI, but unfortunately (because both of us are afraid of being banned from for ever) all those are by direct email. So, none of you can enjoy them.

    sdimis, colnrkurup, opsharma,

    You should not feel so shy in front of AA. If he does not haul up the PIO, please remind him "Sir, you have still not discussed item No. x, y, z, etc. of my "prayer/relief".....Please address those issues before the hearing is over, otherwise the First Appeal hearing will be incomplete and have no meaning. After all, you are performing a quasi-judicial function. I wish to draw your attention to DoPT circular for FAA's (hand him over a copy) and I request you to kindly follow those instructions......."

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    Re: Right to Rebuke/Reprimand

    I don't mind being typecasted in this forum .
    But I am happy that some of the points raised by me are taken in good spirit.

    And if the AAs are on a learning curve then We the people of India are also on the same curve. Any amount of Rebukes/Reprimands are not going to hasten it any further or do any good to the cause of RTI. That's the moot point of this discussion. I am competent enough to take care of Rebukes/reprimands/Threats/jokes as they come.

  8. Re: Right to Rebuke/Reprimand

    I have enjoyed the exchanges. Good spirit. However, let me say we all are responsible for the mess. Pure kue me bhang pari hai. We have good and bad persons everywhere. Let us not single out CIC's. How about the aam janta and educated at that one? Why our team is so limited ? We, the people have to rise and halla bole. PIO's, aa's and cic's all will respect you.

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