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Thread: Road Repair needed urgently

  1. Road Repair needed urgently

    Hi, Can anyone please help me as to how I should approach the RTI with the request to get a road repaired, which the government seems to be totally ignorant about?

    Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated.

  2. moving to right thread 'Ask for RTI Query'.

  3. If you are in Munbai write to Bmc.& send a copy to Road Monitoring Committee .G South Ward, Municipal Board Building,6th floor, N>M>Joshi Marg Elphinstone, Mumbai -400013 Tel. No: 24308650 / email

  4. Road Repair

    Thanks Hema but am based in Koramangala,Bangalore. Any help would be really appreciated.

  5. You can write to Bangalore City Corporation
    Bangalore City Corporation

    They also have a RTI section
    Bangalore City Corporation

    The best part is they also have a electronic RTI system

    New RTI System

    The BMP in partnership with the eGovernments Foundation is deploying eGov RTI a software application that will streamline the system of gathering RTI requests(form, phone or internet), assign a request tracking number for citizens to check on the request status, and to route the requests automatically to the appropriate BMP information officer for a response to the RTI query.
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  6. Hi Maneesh,

    Thanks for the valuable piece if information but the pdf's that open up are in kannada which is beyond my understanding and even the website cPanel doesn't seem to work. I'll try to get hold of someone who can read the pdf's and make me understand. Really appreciate all your help. Thanks again.

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  7. Dear Anil,
    I tried the translation route through Altavista BabelFish Translate but there are not Kannada Compatible yet.

    How ever if you go through the zone route. Say South Zone (Click on the link)
    Then RTI
    They give some info which is linked with RTI Give a try and see whether there is some thing which you wants. Else you can file a RTI request to know the PIO of all government department. We would be happy to post it here for the benefit of every one

  8. Roads and Infrastrcture

    I guess this was the single most important topic that made me register on RTI India.
    I am trying to put together a few issues with possible solutions that will help us have a better infrastructure, things like having lane markings on all roads (so that we don't feel bad when we get fined for lane cutting on roads that have no lanes marked at all ), having traffic lights at the proper places (I spend most of the time searching for a traffic light and end up in huge craters that are omnipresent at all signals )

    I have also observed a sudden increase in the road digging activity during the months of Jan to March. I am wondering if they are really needed or just a way to spend the (over)allocated budget. I want to file an RTI to find out if there really was a reason (that was documented) before a decision was taken to dig up the road.

    I am sure that with a sound road and communication infrastructure we will have a more productive city (obviously 'cos now with the conditions of the roads, I am exhausted by the time I reach office )

    Thanks and best regards,

    Prashant Apte.
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