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Thread: Passport not being Issued

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    Passport not being Issued

    My wife has applied for a passport 3 years back and tried to follow up at the passport office as well but in vain. It was earlier said that there is a problem with the address proof. As of today she has two concrete proofs which include her name on my passport as the spouse and a valid ration card as well. We have been living in Delhi for the past 15 years but still it seems to be an endless journey. The address proofs have been submitted at the passport office as well. Her birth is from Srinagar and it seems they have sent a police enquiry there which has not been cleared. Our connections with the valley are diminished and we are at a fail to understand the next course of action. I would appreciate if anyone could help in this regard. Her passport number is :-- C001038.

    Yunis Lone

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    Re: Passport not being Issued

    Yunis,please prefer RTI application ,that is the only solution for your problem.To start with ,please read RTI Guide(top right blue last-Guide) thoroughly.
    There are a number of excellent posts under thread Passport,including a link for application and questions that can be and should be asked from passport office and concerned police station.

    good luck.
    If you still have doubts after thoroughly going through above recommendations,then post queries again.
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    My son namely Ashish Chahar Applied for passport in Sep 08 at Jaipur vide JPR--N011638-08 file no .
    On Computer it shows passport ready but when my son went to collect it , he was told not ready .
    It is more than 5 months , I request reason of not issue of passport & why it is so delayed .

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    You can take the same action as suggested in post # 3 above.


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