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Thread: Obtaining Death Certificate

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    Obtaining Death Certificate

    Dear Friends,
    good day
    Recently I was trying to obtain death certificate of my Grand father who died 20 years ago in a village near Chennai. According to my family members, this death was duly registered since my grandma used to get pensions based on that registration done. But those documents due to improper handling was destroyed and e my uncle who kept custodian of the documents also no more. When we approched concern department to obtain the death certificate of my grand ma, with exact date of death etc, we were informed that " they do not have the registry" and same was destroyed due to rain/collapase of part of the building in which it was housed.
    What is the recourse now??
    My father is alive and local villagers know my father and my grand father and the whole family well. But this is of no use yet. Since the records that need to be maintained by the Govt departments was damaged and no records are available, we are not running from pole to pillar.
    My father needs this cert to make some family documents in order.
    Please help
    Thank you


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    Re: Obtaining Death Certificate

    Swathi ,welcome to RTIIndia.This site is exlusively for RTI related issues, all other issues are discussed at/handled by our sister site
    Please post your query at that site,you will get assistance.Thanks.

    For RTI related matters,please do not hesitate to post your queries at this(RTIIndia)site
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