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Thread: CIC struggles to clear huge backlog of cases

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    Re: CIC struggles to clear huge backlog of cases

    Indeed, to get what we want, we have to adopt Chanakya's philosophy . Those who think that RTI is a panacea or an antidote for their problems, live in a fools paradise . We have to act in multifarious ways to get our "work done" . Cajoling, reminding, pressurising , complaining, using media, threatening and bribing ( which is what I do always, and get the results ) .

    I have shot off a communication to the CIC this morning giving my suggestions on how to reduce the pendencies that are virtually creating a "traffic jam" . I am certain that he will draw the attention of all Commissioners to that communication ( which , due to warnings re: violation of RTI Forum rules , I am unable to reproduce here ). Nevertheless, those interested in having a copy, can send communicate with me directly via "Y" mail or P.M. facility on this portal .

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    Re: CIC struggles to clear huge backlog of cases

    Dear all:

    Reference be made to my 98th post of 5 March . I am glad to say ( as I had envisaged) that the Hon 'ble CIC has taken note of my comments and passed on my letter to all the Commissioners and the Registrar.

    CIC informs me that the disposals are becoming more than arrivals and he is hoping that this positive trend will continue . He has also assured me that he will consider my suggestions to reduce the pendencies .

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    Re: CIC struggles to clear huge backlog of cases

    Dear all:

    I seems that I spoke too early .

    As per my phone call with Mr Karira and as per his suggestion in one of the posts ( I do not how to find it in this huge ocean, nevertheless) , I had been to CIC Office in Old JNU Campus ( for a Hearing actually ) . But since I arrived 30 minutes before the Hearing at 10.00 AM leaving home at 8.00 AM to avoid the huge traffic that strats building up from 8.15 AM, I was able to get there in good time .

    I used the interim period to good advantage sipping 2 cups of hot coffee arranged imaginatively by IC(SG) for the visitors .

    And then Room 412

    The main server at the August Krant Bhawan is reported to be down/behaving erratically since last few days, the woes compounded by frequent black outs .

    I was told that the dak bags had not been opened for last 3 days , i.,e, since Monday 13April and the desks of the staff was full of unopened enevelopes and appeals/communications/yet to be read and processed . I saw three such bags for myself, and I was told that if I waited for another 3 hours or so, I will find yet another bag arriving .


    The building is itself in a bad shape , being used earlier as students hostel . The plaster is peeling out at several places, and it has brown cello tape on it !!! And please dont use the toilet facilities for the visitors , the door wont close, and you would find any towel or soap inside .

    PERHAPS the office will shift to Club Building nearby where IC(AD) sits, where I found woodwork going on at a frantic pace . But I am told that the problem of server /web site updates/ power outages will continue for long .


    Can anyone suggest what ought to be done to rectify the situation. I feel thar RTIIndia
    members should fill up CIC (WH) box with complaints . I have done enough already .

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    C J Karira
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    Re: CIC struggles to clear huge backlog of cases

    Welcome to the real world Mr Agrawal !
    Sorry for the "hard landing" !
    Twitter: @cjkarira

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    Re: CIC struggles to clear huge backlog of cases

    The landing was harder than I had imagined . On Monday when the CIC staff returns for work, they will receive 2 bags in the mail - one for Saturday and one for Monday . You need 2 staff just to open all the packets/envelopes , but I didnt see any space for keeping such bulk mails . And while I am engaged in a running battle with the O/O Registrar of Cooperative Societies , I noticed the CIC staff coming well after 10.00 hrs
    ( the time is 0930 hrs ) . " Bhai , Gaurment office hai, staff apne samay sey hi aayega " said one of the clerks when I noticed several seats unoccupied until 10.05.

    Jai Ho

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    CIC struggles to clear huge backlog of cases

    Further to my earlier posts . CIC has kindly acknowledged my mail and assured me that corrective action is under way ( see my Post 11 here ) . I will check for myself whenever I visit that Office again, hopefully sometime next month when my ( another) Second Appeal against the same PA comes up before IC(SG)

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