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    RTI info

    I am Barb0za recently joined as a member, would like to know how to go about lodging a complaint under RTI Act 2005. What is the fee to be payable and where to be deposited?

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    Re: RTI info

    Hello Mr Barboza,welcome to RTIIndia community.Please go through Forum Rules.
    For your specific query please go through RTI Guide( top blue last),for downloading RTI Act and application sample format,please visit ;
    Infact most answers to RTI issues,whom,where when ,how etc. are all readily available on this site at various sub forums,Tags and reply posts by our experts.One only requires inclination and patience.
    Thanks and good hunting. Have a great time.
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    WElcome Maxy to RTI India community. As OPS pointed out, kindly visit to get more information.

    specifically you might like to view this article:



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