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Thread: redevelopment of housing society

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    redevelopment of housing society

    Hi, very good afternoon,
    I along with my brother bought flat in newly redeveloped building, it was co -op hsg society. First 5 floors are given to existing occupier of hsg society and 6th and 7th floor is sold by builder to new buyers. Now, Society has put demand f Rs. 50,000/- per flat owner from all new buyers of flat. This amount so called "premium on membership" is they are saying necessary for becoming the member of the society and they would not allow us to attend the general meeting of the society. They are saying all soceities in the locality are charging this amount, so we also need to pay, and this decision taken in previous general body meeting.
    I need to know, is this decision valid since we were not present in that meeting, God knows when and where this meeting was conducted.
    This amount is over and above of membership fees and all.

    Kindly let us know what should be our future course of action, as they asked us to revert within a week.
    Kind regards
    ARvind A.

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    Re: redevelopment of housing society

    Hi Arvind,welcome to RTIIndia community ,since this site is exclusively for RTI issues please post your query at our sister site

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    Re: redevelopment of housing society

    I want rule for redevelopment of Housing Society
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    Re: redevelopment of housing society

    I want Rules of Maharashtra Govt to Redevelop of Coop. Housing Society

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    C J Karira
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    Re: redevelopment of housing society

    Quote Originally Posted by shyam1965 View Post
    I want Rules of Maharashtra Govt to Redevelop of Coop. Housing Society
    Please be guided by post #2 above, of our member opsharma.

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    Re: redevelopment of housing society

    Both State and Central government have no proper Housing Policy. At present, most of the legislation favouring building while individuals in a co-operative housing society loosing their right, title and interest at whims and fancies of the Managing Committee Members and developers. A new Co-op. housing society laws needed where 'honest' individuals have control and right over their property. In India anybody can do anything if there is a majority whether it is right or wrong. For e.g. individual members have limited role in exposing mismanagement and corruption in society affairs. Other issues are why there is a transfer fee of Rs.25,000/- when the member giving stamp duty, registration and other charges to the govt. Why society want to earn from new members. This also must be fully stopped and those society asking donation/ transfer money should be booked under IPC or CRPC and try in the court of law.


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